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Your Glass Man of Dallas Complaints & Reviews

Your Glass Man of Dallas / Service

Nov 09, 2014

I am a single mom, I was remodeling my house and decided to update my shower, friend of mine suggested to hire a company called Your Glass Man of Dallas. I went online and red some reviews about the service. After that I was a little nervous about hiring this company to do the work for me. After all, my friend suggested I hire them and I trust his opinion, so I did. A massive guy showed up at my door, introduced himself as Eric, he measured my shower, showed me a catalog on what can I do in terms of different options of glass, handles and so on. He seemed nice, I asked him about his opinion on...

Your Glass Man of Dallas - Texas, Dallas / My side of the story

Apr 24, 2011

This is my side of the story, JIN W Baik called me up Nov. of 09 wanted to have me install a storefront for him. I went to Jin and measure it up and gave him a number, Jin agreed and we wrote an order for it. Jin put $2000 dollar deposit for the job. Jin had me call Cathy the property manager to get approval for the work, Cathy agreed. Then about an hour later jin wanted to change something on the contract I agreed, what I didn't know that jin would want to change his order like 5 more times. After the sixth time the follow morning he called and demanded to change something else and...

Your Glass Man of Dallas - Texas, Dallas / Do not fall for Eric's Glass and Mirror Scam!

Apr 19, 2011

This guy will file a BANKRUPTCY after he rips you off. Eric Platek filed a chapter 7 BANKRUPTCY (Case #: 11-40834) on March 18, 2011. There are a lot of victims who fall for this scam method. Eric is a professional scam artist. This is not a company. Eric is the sole representative of this company. DO NOT WORK WITH HIM!! BEWARE!! He will rip you off. He guaranteed to install our new store front by 11/14/09. He even wrote it on the invoice. I still keep our store front until today. He did not perform any service or deliver any products. Eric did absolutely zero work. However, he charged me $2000...