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York Street Properties Complaints & Reviews

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / fraud/rent to own home


york street properties promised me and my husband this home we are in now. the contract goes: if we paid them $500.00 deposit an application fee $50.00 and the first months rent$ 1, 195.00 then we could move into the home and after 6 months or paying our rent on time with out ever being late, then they would have a mortage contract drawn up in our names and we will be owning the home and paying a mortage to the bank. my husband and i honored our contract and paid on time being never late on our rent and when to 6 months was up they would not answer our calls nor honor the contract. they were...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / Don't Pay Bills


I'm an electrician and have been asked to do a few jobs for York Street Properties. The first couple of jobs were slow paying but I continued to do the work. I got paid within 30 days a couple of times, then the payments stopped coming but the orders for work started to increase. I stopped the work and wasn't stuck with as much as I could have been, but I still haven't been paid for about $6000. Has anybody else had this experience? If you have, did you have any luck getting paid? If so, how? I need some help. Meanwhile, my recommendation to any contractor in the Dallas Metroplex is to stay away from this company

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / Real Estate Deception


My Name is Chin Luk, President of Chin H.K. Ltd in Hong Kong. Recently we were contacted, through our US agent, by York Street Properties. After accumulating a tremendous amount of documents from this company and reviewing their website it was decided that we would look into investment possibilities further. We have surplus cash, excellent credit sources and a desire to invest in the Dallas area. We asked York Street Properties many questions about the health of their company, corporate headquarters, accounts payable position, legal position and particularly required written references from...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / Breach of Contract


Lance Puig (York Street Properties CEO) owes me $23, 255.00 for landscaping and remodeling work I and my crew did on houses over 2 years ago. I know he owes 100's of thousands of dollars to other contractors, but I want MY payment ! The work was done according to the specifications I was given and it was done in a timely fashion. The invoices were approved by the "Construction Coordinators" after they were scrutinized for accuracy and property inspections were completed. After that, per agreement by Lance Puig I would be paid immediately after invoice receipt. After piddling around with...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / Mortgage Fraud

La - Read this before doing business with Lance Puig and his variety of operating companies. Also, do a web search on "Lance Puig" and "York Street Properties". There's lots of information provided by lots of different people. Doing business with Lance Puig, for any reason, is a bad idea. Investors, Lenders, Tenants, Potential Tenants, Contractors - BEWARE - this company and it's ownership should be avoided if you value your investments, good credit and personal or business security. Here are a few...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / BBB Revokes Accreditation


This is a sampling of what saw when doing a google search after typing in "york street properties". It's no wonder the BBB said they would no longer accredit this outfit. There is so much negative, it's unreal. I wish I had seen all of this BEFORE I did business with them. I lost $14, 000 because they refused to pay me. I'm now thinking I need to join the "York Street Properties Victims Group" and help get this guy prosecuted. I don't think I'll ever see my money again. Can anybody tell me how to reach this group? Thanks... also, do you have any experiences with filing...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / CROOKS - BE SURE TO DO A 3 PAGE GOOGLE SEARCH


The Following are crooked companies, be sure to do a 3 page search on Google. There's much information that a potential Investor, Lender, Tenant, Service Provider or Official Agency should know before doing business with these folks. Lance Puig is the CEO and only official employee of the company. 100 Crescent Court, Dallas is a mailbox office - he works from home and scams people. Lance Puig York Street Properties York Street Properties Inc York Street Homes York Street Financial We Buy Homes USA Bradstreet Green 27 LLC Also, be sure to have a look at this blog, at...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / My Lease is No Good?


I'm a single mother working 2 full time jobs during the week and one part time job on the weekends. I have 3 children and a dead-beat husband. I looked for a very long time to find a house near a good school that was close to my sister who helps with the kids. I've had nothing but problems with this house since renting it from York Street Properties, but I need to stay here. Also, I was promised I could buy it after 6 months of paying rent on time (which I have). A person from the bank came by on Monday and said the house was being foreclosed on and I needed to make arrangements to...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / York Street Properties Inc OFFERS LOSSES TO ALL WHO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM


York Street Properties Inc is offering losses to all that do business with them. Investors, Lenders, Contractors, Tenants and Rent To Own aspirants. QUESTION: why are there so many press releases online that say "York Street Properties is offering profitable returns to investors"? ANSWER: these are posted by York Street Properties in hopes of 2 things; (a) push the negative ads that appear on Google searches to the 2nd or 3rd page and (b) the only way they can stay alive is to find more investors to cheat. You can read more about this sleazy company here...

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / Investment Fraud


03 September 2009 Ponzie scam and other civil and criminal investigations are underway in the York Street Properties case. Allegations have been made by investors, lenders, tenants, buyers and service providers which are being taken seriously by local authorities. Persons of interest to investigators in the case are Lance Winston Puig of Dallas and ex federal convict Michael Scott Bacher. Pictured below. Victims of York Street Properties alleged mis-dealings are asked to contact investigators at the Texas Attorney General's office at 800 252-8011 or through their website:

York Street Properties - Texas, Dallas / Thieves at York Street Properties


I was completely SCAMMED by York Street Properties. I am a real estate investor who purchased 6 homes from them that were sold to me as being completely rehabbed. They showed pictures of examples of the kinds of rehabs they do and listed out all the details. Long story short, when they wouldn't pay me the rents due me as my property manager, I investigated and went to Dallas. Every one of my homes were in complete disrepair and some of them are going to cost me $20, 000 - $40, 000 to repair. They just painted and put cheap carpet in to make them look nice and covered up all the problem...