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XM Complaints & Reviews

XM - Oregon / billing

Jan 13, 2011

Purchased a new Toyota Rav 4 in 2009. XM service came with it for 3 months. Afterward contacted XM to subscribe to service over the phone. They gave me a rate of $85 for a year. Shortly thereafter I purchased another unit and installed it in my pickup. XM gave me same price. After 13 months they disconnected service on our Rav 4. I called and they said my account was overdue. I had not received any bills, calls, emails prior to this. They say they have too many customers to send bills to or any other type of notification. I requested cancellation on both of my vehicles and a confirmation of...

XM / SCAM!!!


The receiver "pitch" is a scam. You will not ever get a person in the United States through customer service. And don't bother to explain because they cannot understand. While they seem nice enough, they just can't understand. XM took a very happy customer and wiped it all away in a 38 minute phone call. DON'T BUY INTO IT!!! Never give them your credit card. Require paper billing. Even then, you have no idea just what is to come. It is so sad that this is what America's service industry has come to.