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Sep 17, 2015

People, be ready to spend money on the website I have registered there and was happy to join it, because they welcomed us. But each time they offered to buy and order from them. Basically, you couldn’t tell them “no”, but in reality their items were awful and completely unnecessary. Don’t trust them on 100% and don’t buy everything what the rep has offered you. / My access was denied and I couldn't reach the moderators

Sep 13, 2015

I have registered on the website I haven’t used it very often, but couple of days later I found out that my account was banned. I only wanted to contact my friends, but I couldn’t do it, because my access to the website was closed. All my efforts to contact these people failed, because they didn’t check their emails and messages, which have been sent through website. Maybe someone can help me to contact these guys directly. / The owner is horrible, rude and unstoppable guy

Jun 10, 2015

I was a member of the website I started to get abusive and very impolite emails from the owner, Enrique. This guy was rude, unprofessional, and arrogant and didn’t care about anything else except for him. I tried to solve the conflict between us, but this guy continued to behave like this. I deleted my account and I really hope that there will be some people, who will stop this annoying and awful person.