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Sep 03, 2015

Run from the company I have bought prom dress for my daughter, but the dress arrived torn and the beads were missing. I took several pictures and sent to the seller. I wrote that it wasn’t what I expected to get, so I would be happy to change it. But the seller replied in very negative way. He told me that he would do nothing and he didn’t care about my problems with the dress. - Kansas, Linwood / They didn't send any info about my purchase

Jun 05, 2015

Scam. I ordered 3 dresses from the website I placed the order 2 months ago already and paid for it immediately, but these scammers misled me. They took money and haven’t sent my order. I haven’t received any news and no idea what to do now. Total rip off and better avoid these scammers, because it was only waste of time and money. Just stay away from this scamming website and don’t advise it to other people. - Kansas, Linwood / The dress was awful and the seller is unprofessional fraud

May 21, 2015

I really advise other people to stay away from I bought prom dress from them, but it arrived in small box and looked like piece of cloth. The view of the dress was awful and almost all threads were stuck out on every side. The seller was also dishonest person, because he refused to provide any compensation or refund. And of course, he stopped to reply to my emails. I was shocked with such unwillingness to help me.