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Jan 16, 2017

I am absolutely disgusted with, they caused me nothing but trouble and turned my life into a real nightmare! I bought a ticket for a match from them and game was supposed to be held in London. So I bought a ticket, then I booked a flight to London and paid for the hotel. Everything seemed fine and I was super excited about the entire event. But two days before the actual even I received a message stating my order was cancelled and I'll be given a refund!! I was shocked and tried to reach them but no one replied! I did get my money back, but these people ruined... / They overcharge and sell tickets for too high

May 29, 2015

Don’t buy from the website I ordered 3 tickets and paid about $1, 000. One ticket was about $350, but it was scam. These tickets real sum was about $150. They simply overcharged me and I lost enormous sum. Don’t waste your money, because the prices were too high there. And inform you friends and other people that the website is real rip off. / The seller took tickets back and stopped to communicate with us

May 14, 2015

People, stay away from the company I purchased tickets from these jerks, but they provided tickets for the wrong seats. We contacted the rep and asked if it was possible to change these tickets. This jerk told me “yes”, so we immediately returned them. After that we heard nothing from these scammers. I wonder if there are people, who have the same problems and what have you done in such situation, please post comments.