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Worry No More Complaints & Reviews

Worry No More / Warranty coverage

Mar 28, 2014

Worry No More coverage for Macy's furniture was purchased at the premium level and supposed to take care of warrant for 7 years. Purchase was made less than 1 year ago. Leather coverage indicates coverage for "water or beverage marks, stains or rings". Because of my explanation that the leather was discolored at the head rest area, I was told that it wasn't covered. I argued that it was a matter of semantics, that "it is a STAIN". Now I have to take pictures and send to them to determine if there is coverage. Why would Macy's, seemingly a reputable business, sell this "Macy's Best Value PREMIUM Protection plan with little regard for true customer protection. [email protected]com

Worry No More - New York / Scam


Worry No more is a SCAM!!! I bought all my furniture from Macy's and I read the guidelines, but it doesn't matter. They came back with more BS saying that an original claim cancels out a second claim. I always thought Macy's was a great store, but whoever got involved with this BS company is a douchbag and should be fired. I would have bought my furniture regardless, so selling me a scam makes Macy's a bigger scammer. They know this is happening. I was told by customer service that they know they don't meet their promises, so why bother selling me a scam? I don't understand!

Worry No More / extremely frustrated


10 minutes after worry no more service man left, I received a Email stating that after careful review worry no more were unable to cover the warrantee on my leather couches. I had originally called to report a tear on the kick plate of my leather sofa which was clearly covered under the plan WORRYNOMORE that I purchased from Macy’s. I had just noticed the tear a few days prior to calling, so I was well in the time frame of the contract. After farther inspection of my furniture I discovered one other tear in the fold of the seat of the sofa, almost impossible to detect unless you are...