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Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service Complaints & Reviews

Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service - Pennsylvania, Levittown / won't stop sending magazines


To whom it may concern: Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service gave me, Michael Rossi, a confirmation number I lost it to cancel the subscription of Magazines, but I keep receiving them and they expect me to pay for the magazines when I was told it was 1 payment of 48.80 and they're saying it's more than $1100 and I am not paying it I have tried calling the magazine companies individually to cancel but they tell me I need to call other numbers. UNITED WE STAND YOUR FRIEND MIKE

Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service - Ohio, Sandusky / Magazine Scam


I never ordered 10 monthly magazine subscriptions nor did I provide my debit card number to anyone at any time. The first call I received claimed to be from Publisher Clearing House and I was one of 50 winners. They already had my debit card number as well as the last 4 digits of my social. I was charged $49.99 twice then refunded for both charges when I called Worldwide Preferred Publishers Services. Then I got 2 more charges for $59 each and canceled my debit card and was never refunded. I have written letters and called numerous times all to no avail. However, the first time I called they...

Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service - Montana, Great Falls / Charles Fisher


This company refuses to take "No" for an answer. I repeatedly tried to cancel (and continue to do so) their magazines before they ever started sending them, but they continue to harras me by sending past due notices and calling with threats of collection. I have told them to put my number on their "do not call list" months ago, but they continue to call. I do not want any of their magazines or their bills.