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World Wide Speed Post Complaints & Reviews

World Wide Speed Post / SCAM!!!

Dec 02, 2013

I have just experienced the same thing, I had an item for sell advertised on Gumtree! Number 1 rule always follow your gut feeling. If someone shows an interest in something you are selling, is very keen and not remotely interested in viewing before purchase be weary, If they then say they will send the money straight away via Paypal and you must give them your Paypal email & home address for shipping- this is a scam!!! You will then receive a further email saying that they have made the payment including the extra money for shipping & delivery of the item. You will possibly receive these...

World Wide Speed Post - Arizona / Craigslist Phoenix Scam Buyer

Oct 27, 2011

This company is a fake being used by scam buyers! I had placed a Craigslist ad in Phoenix to sell furniture for $400. Within less than 4 hours of placing my ad, I received an email response from a prospective buyer named Rachel Alanna ([email protected]). She claimed to be handicapped, not able to come see the furniture, thereby requesting additional photos. I sent these to her; about a day later I got an email saying she was buying the furniture for her daughter in New Hampshire and stated she needed my full name and address to provide the shipping company. I asked her to provide me the...

World Wide Speed Post - British Columbia, Vancouver / Scam Artist!!!


I put an ad on Craigslist to sell my leather sofas and an arm chair for $1500. Right away I got an email from '[email protected]' asking for more pictures which I did. And then same person contacted me with different email '[email protected]', I guess he had too many different emails and forgot to send me with a same email. He said: Hello, > > I so much appreciate your response to my earlier mail. I wish to let > you know that I'm satisfied with the condition.Like I said there's no > doubt I'm going to purchase it if you are ready...

World Wide Speed Post - Georgia / Fraudulent


I have posted a piano for sale on craiglist, and a buyer by name of Carla Wealth ([email protected]) contacted me to buy it by just looking a few pictures I sent over email. And he asked to pay through paypal. Then I got some (now I realized it must be fake) paypal notification saying that the money is deposited, and Carla has also emailed saying that he/she has deposited the money + shipping cost to my paypal, but require me to pay to an agent from World Wide Speed Post through Western Union for the shipping from my end to secure the transaction. I was stupid enough the first time to...

World Wide Speed Post - California / Car Buying Scam


This company is totally fake! I had posted my car for sale on Craigslist and received an email from a buyer that wanted to purchase the vehicle with only viewing a couple pictures of the exterior. He said he was camped at a remote location and was unable to speak with me personally regarding this sale. He wanted to pay for the vehicle through Paypal because it is so secure. His English writing was very poor and he kept saying how much he appreciated my understanding of the situation. I told him about needing his signature on the appropriate documents but he never responded to any of that but...

World Wide Speed Post - Colorado / Fake company


This company is fraudulent! I was contacted by someone who expressed a KEEN interest in an item I was selling on craigslist. Before even seeing the item (a wheelchair lift) or haggling on the price they had this fake shipping company contact me to pick up the lift. The "buyer" agrees to make their payment to Paypal saying that Paypal would then pass the funds along to me within a few days. Paypal has no delay in payment and my research indicates this is a scam to obtain your Paypal account number. The apparent ease of the sale made me suspicious which led me to look into it. After learning...