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World Connect Complaints & Reviews

World Connect / prize winner

Mar 16, 2011

Just like all the others on this site I received a call from Vioni on 0878072365 telling me i have been selected to a short list for a comp. i entered a few months ago by giving money to a charity. Oh yes, i also stand a chance to win a car, ice maker ect as well as a FREE holiday. I see these post's have been on this site for the past 3 year. When is the goverment going to put this new "consumer protection act" into effect? Hopefully this will put an end to this type of con-marketing.

World Connect / Stay away from these crooks

Jan 10, 2011

I was contacted saying that I am one of the lucky people that have been drawn to win a Chevvy Spark. A competition I did not enter at all. They said that there are gauranteed prizes if I do not win the car like a GPS, a holiday and other stuff as well. This is a **** because it seemed very fishy to me so I googled the company name and the car and found out that this has happened to so many other people where they try to sell you a timeshare type of thing. This is absolutely ridiculous!

World Connect / Don't know how this company got my Contact details


I got a call from a guy working for World Connect at about 10:30 am on 28 Oct 2008. He could not provide me specific details about where I allegedly entered into this competition. He mentioned that I answered a questionnaire on my opinions on "lifestyles in South Africa" which was distributed from Jan - June this year. He said my spouse and I have entered into a competition to win a car. I am not married nor have I been engaged to anyone before. I definately would not enter into a competition if I knew up front that I need to have a spouse in order to qualify. Apparently, I qualify to enter...