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workout world Complaints & Reviews

workout world - New Jersey / Contract and fees

Mar 14, 2011

Be very careful when you join this gym not to sign any contract. There is no customer service at all and if you have any inquiries there is no one to call, everything is done throught corporate email. I went to freeze my account and they tell my wife thats no problem just go to the website and freeze it. They were still charging me though $10 each a month for NOT going to their gym and charged my daughter 7 months before I caught this ROBBERY. The answer they give you is so they can freeze your rate, None of us were in our contract period anymore so what fictituos rate are they freezing? then...

workout world - Rhode Island, Warwick / Staff etc.


WOW went overnight some months ago and then 24 hrs a month ago. The workers they hire actually are asleep while working! One worker laid down on the mats in the main room like it was a bed and slept. The next worker they hired after that worker went off to college (no, they didn't fire him) sleeps right at the desk a little ways in or in the office. You have to wake him up to go tanning, get change, or ask for anything. He's difficult to wake up even. We are talking a sound sleep. This is when you can find him. Sometimes he's off somewhere sleeping. That means no tanning or anything...

workout world / Impossible to cancel


I stopped the gym toward the end of my Physical Therapy. I was looking specifically to continue exercises to reduce out of pocket medical costs. So I meet with a sales rep, Mike, and he tells me $32.05 a month with $100 down. Inclusive was supposed to be two training sessions a month. I had three major concerns. I told him I was on a tight budget because of graduate school so I couldn't afford "hidden costs". I told him I was relocating at some point out of state, and wanted to ensure ease of cancellation. The most important concern was the ability to cancel if my orthopedic doctor felt...