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windsors Precious pets Complaints & Reviews

windsors Precious pets - California, San Jose / took money


This woman JoAnn Windsor is a Vicious Un caring Puppy Mill Dog breeder who takes LARGE Deposits and then will keep it and RE SELL the dog. She took $1000.00 from me and then I asked for the money back as I was not able to buy the puppy due to a bad accident, she then would NOT return my calls and re sold the dog NEVER to pay me back. I asked for 1/2 and she would NOT even give me 1/2. She then instead went on the internet, Claiming FALSE accusations about me that are TOTAL UN TRUTHS, to cover up her own BAD ETHETICS... She is a Fraud and Lier, and Rip Off Artist BEWARE...

windsors Precious pets - California, San Jose / sold money


This woman took a $1000.00 depost and would not refund my money or answer any phone call from me, I never signed a contract, all in good faith, After her pups were only 4 weeks old I asked for my deposit back and she would not answer my calls she then resold the pup making double her money