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wilshire homes Complaints & Reviews

wilshire homes - Texas, San Antonio / Poor Quality


The entire building process was horrible. There was one mistake after another from this company, and absolutely no accountability. The builders tried to cut corners every chance they got and oops...accidentally over charged us over 10k. Luckily I was very meticulous and tried to keep tabs on all their errors. Finish out was a complete disaster - I think they hire the worst painters they can possibly find! We had to have them repaint and stain 3 times and finally gave up because it just kept looking worse and worse. And now, less than 2 years after the home was constructed the roof is leaking...

wilshire homes - Texas, Dallas / poor construction


i purchased my wilshire home in 2008 and have had very bad excperience with the materials used in bulding my home. if u are planning on purchasing a wilshire home i recomend that you DONT! My roof is leaking and the wood railing on the stairs is cracking. The wood used in the front porch is chipping off and wilshire forgot to put a light switch in the master bed! I am very unhappy with this house and with the company alone! I promise that you will be very unpleased with your house. I warned you.