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Wildblue Complaints & Reviews

Wildblue - Colorado / FRAUD / FORGERY

Feb 14, 2013

We are military and we sadly moved to an area where you cant get some service.So we were told to do a bundle from Direct TV with wildblue well we at first told a different name but anyhow they did not come the day they were suppose to but they did come on 01/03/2013 but we had to leave our home and go meet the guy because he was lost. Anyhow he came over never asked us anything we wanted the service in one room so maybe we could get service all through the home but he said no.Anyhow he hooks everything up but while putting in the service i had too run somewhere (i have proof). well i get back...

Wildblue / Unauthorized money transfers

Apr 20, 2011

I moved into an area where there were other internet providers, 3 months ago. We contacted Wildblue to cancel our service upon discovering we could no longer get their service. A month later when checking my bank statement I discovered that I was still being charged for the service. I called to find out what was going on and was told that the tech I had spoken to had not canceled the service. I then asked how long after canceling the service would I be able to access my email and was told I would not be able to after canceling my service. I was told that if I would take the time to transfer my...

Wildblue - Washington / Grand Theft


I, would like to know why Congress, FCC, & Attorney Generals of ALL the States have not levied Charges and fines on WildBlue's business practices ? Hears my Horror Story: In April 01, 2008 I signed up with WildBlue for the basic service at $39.95 & $249.00 for the equipment that I, would own. Their was a small installation fee of $60.00 The installation was professionally done. I, was happy with my system since I, previously had Dial Up WildBlue was so much faster. Until I, got FAPED...You all know this story so well I, won't waste time explaining it. So I, decide to remedy the...

Wildblue - Texas, Austin / Lies


I hope anyone looking at WildBlue for service reads these comments first. After having Direct TV installed and not having internet for awhile (since there was no additional bandwidth with the DSL in my area) I called WildBlue. There was an insert in Direct TV's handouts they left with me. First they advertise one price, then tell you while you are on the phone that because of the high volume of installs they are doing in the area, that price is no longer available. The order taker I spoke with was very adamant that I would not need a pole installed, only to find out later that was not the...

Wildblue / Awful service


Do Not Use WildBlue Satellite Internet! This company is the worst company I have ever seen! The service is garbage and they charge anywhere from $50 to $90 per month for it. And all they give you for the ludicrous amounts of money is 10 hours of dial up and a particular amount of bandwidth that is so small, adware or spyware will cost you all of your allotted bandwidth and then you won't be able to use the internet for a month! They are price gouging people, they don't give you anything near what you pay for and they continually bounce me between tech support and the billing office...

Wildblue / Beware of the Trap!


Two weeks after having our Wildblue system installed it went out completely an was unable to be revived. A few days later I received notice from Wildblue I was approaching FAP limits. Whaa? The next day they informed me I'd hit it and was being penalized. (Uh,, the service was OFF!) Two weeks later I received the same notices and again I was penalized. (Still OFF here!) Three weeks after it went out it was professionally repaired. (I'm snarling as I write this part) Finally up and running, immediately the spam came pouring in. Mid way through the spam-a-cide I was again...

Wildblue / Bad customer service


I recently got satellite internet from Wildblue. I was told that my credit card number was only for reserving my installation date and there would be no charges on my card. I was also told that installation and equipment is free. As I'm looking at my bill a month later, they charged my monthly bill and 289.00 for the equipment. I call them and waste over 30 min talking to customer service about it. At quitting time the lady was like "I'm sorry we are closed now you'll have to call back tomorrow"!!! I couldn't believe after being on the phone that long they'd just...

Wildblue / Rude employees, bank fraud and no one cares


Well, this has been going on for several weeks. Apparently buying a new house and changing your address is too much for WildBlue to handle. We moved in December, and in March we were charged 3 months off service fees. I called and they said that it was a mistake, that they had backed it out. Well, April rolled around and no credit. May rolled around, no credit, and then we were cut off for non-payment! We have been fighting with them for 2 weeks now, we still don't' have internet service, and we have called and spoke with several people. No one cares. The last person I spoke...

Wildblue / Awful support, poor delivery of the service, continual problems


Before you buy type "wildblue complaints" into google and see for yourself. Signed up and install went Ok on my laptop. What about our other computes - oh, we only get one going then we leave. Took several calls to tech support to get the Mac working - they didn't seem to have a clue on how to do it. Our 3 computers lost the IP address several times a day requiring power cycle of their modem which can take up to 5 minutes - then reboot computers. And LOTS of latency. Repeated calls to tech support didn't improve anything. Big snow storm in Denver where their support center i...

Wildblue / WildBlue software corrupted my new $1600.00 computer!


After a couple of weeks with Wildblue my computer kept crashing. Tech. (non)supt. suggested my computer was too slow, so I ordered a new Dell XPS710. Their tech came out and loaded all the software on for me and couldn't get it to work....said my computer was busy downloading new updates and that it should work in a couple of hours. Never did, so I disconnected Wildblue and hookedup my dial-up. My new computed would not work....kept getting "Wildblue errors." Hired my own tech to come out and he said my startup files were now corrupted and I needed to return my new Dell to Dell to repair...