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Wellness Lab Complaints & Reviews

Wellness Lab - New York / fraud


This is a total scam!!! I too was taken by this company. My "free trail" has cost me $172.84 The web site advertrised a 30 day free trail for $.99. plus $3.95 shipping. After 17 days my account was charged $86.42 and after 13 days my account was charged again for 86.42. I called and cancelled upon seeing the debit on my account. and demanded a refund. In order for them to not charge my checking account further I cancelled the card (which they had the number for).

Wellness Lab - California / Bull Crap


Hell to the No I just checked my bank on line and they took 79.63 dolloars out. I did not give them the yes to take the money out of my account... That is wrong this people are just trying to find any way to take money from us.. Hell no Im getting my money bank ... We have to do something write ur complaints on the board call these people keep calling them until you get an answer.. This makes me so mad I mean the economy is already bad and you have these monsters trying to take our money! Oh know im calling the 1-866-949-0138 and they put me on hold for 15 minutes still waitting this is crazy OMG... Dont give up people there taking our money... Please Please Please get ur money Back..

Wellness Lab - Florida, Rockledge / Rip Off Acai/Cleansing berry


This company charged me 79.95 for something I never received OR ordered. I called them as soon as it showed up pending on my account and was able to cancel it. She said if it already cleared then it would have been too late but since it was pending she could stop the charge. I got a cancellation number and am HOPING it is not going to go through. My banker told me I had to wait for the charge to go through and then challenge the charge and 3-5 days it would be put back in! How can we put a space craft on Mars but a bank can't stop a charge that they know is fraudulent ahead of time! The number I called was 1-866-967-4917. I got through one time is a minute but when Itried to call back it took 26 minutes.

Wellness Lab - Wisconsin / acai berry


Was called to confirm an order I placed for a "free" 30 day sample of this acai berry as seen on some daytime show. I had just received the product the day before, I answered the call and confirmed the order and asked what the deal was since there was nothing about a charge and I know there had to be something. The man said that I would be charged monthly $86.42, I told him I did not want the product at that cost and asked if he could cancel this. He came back a minute later and said it was cancelled, I did not get a cancellation #, my bad! I called today after seeing a charge for $86.42 on my...

Wellness Lab - Florida, Hollywood / SCAM!!!


I ordered this product with a "free sample" which turned out not to be free at all. In fact they have billed me $79.95 twice in 2 weeks. When I called the number to cancel they said "there is no such thing as free product". Don't order from these people!!!

Wellness Lab / RIPOFF


I called for their FREE trial offer. What a mistake that turned-out to be. They sent the product and charged me shipping only. I had 30 days to cancel if I didn't want to continue taking the product. Less than two weeks later they hit my bank account for a little less than $ 400.00. I'm stuck with a product that doesn't work and they refuse to refund my account even after I cancelled. Unless you have money to throw away, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.