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Webvisible Complaints & Reviews

Webvisible / Scam

Apr 4, 2011

Please reply after this post if you would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against WEBVISIBLE. They can't keep ripping people off like this. Basically Webvisible will say the setup is free, the montly billing wont start for months, they say you can get refunded your money if they don't perform. They promise you about 40-50 inquiries per 1200 spent a month. What we got was one inquiry the first month, two the second month.. and on top of that the clients were from a state we aren't licensed to do business. So they charged us for the setup, which was supposed to be...

Webvisible / 40% of your Advertising Budget is only being used with webvisible


WEBVISIBLE only uses 40% of your advertising budget the rest goes into there POCKET... I was extremely furious after learning about this and decided to cancel service and reverse charges with the credit card company. WebVisible is by far the worst company i've every worked with. Very poor un-educated customer service reps and sales reps that simply want to make a quick buck. First off I was told that I can expect 125 calls per month. After signing up I had a really good experience with my account manager at the time. Things started off pretty good. He seemed to very knowledgeable and...

Webvisible / Webvisible is a complete Rip Off


Webvisible is a complete Rip Off, great at talking the talk and promising great results but the company is a fraud. Results and reports that were sent to us where falsified, encountered multiple ROI miscalculations. Cost per Click went up in every category they assisted us with. Continued to bill prepaid funds after the account was canceled. In regards to management we received many promised callbacks that took days to weeks to receive with no satisfactory outcome. BEWARE of smooth talking salespeople. Results were terrible and a waste of $15, 000.00 in just two weeks.