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Webster Flea Market Complaints & Reviews

Webster Flea Market - Florida, Webster / Fake designer handbags sold


My Partner and I and our Best Friend visited a Flea Market in Webster on either Market Blvd or Market Street..I don't know the actual name of it, but it's only open on Mon. and it closes at 3pm..anyway we found several vendors selling "designer" handbags..I located a Prada handbag I fell in love the time I had no clue as to how to tell a real Prada from a fake Prada so I relied on the Vendors honesty (I'll never do that again) after picking out a purse I asked if it was genuine and a Oriental Man and a young Oriental Girl both said "yes"..they wanted only $35 that...

Webster Flea Market - Florida, Webster / Bad service


Yesterday I went to a Flea market in Webster Florida it's only open on Mon. and closes at's on Market street or Market blvd. or something like that..anyway I went there and found several vendors sellings designer handbags or so I thought..I chose a Prada bag I fell in love with..I asked this little Oriental Guy and Girl behind the counter if they were authentic and they both said "yes" at the time I had no idea how to tell the difference..I guess my first clue should have been, when I asked how much? and he said "$35"..I said I'll give you $25 he said "$30" I said $27...