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Wayside Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Wayside Furniture - Ohio, Akron / Inferior Products & Horrible Customer Service

Apr 10, 2013

We went to Wayside in search of a couch and recliner. I had heard some "not so good" things about them, but decided we'd look anyway. I went into the main store alone with my 3 kids on a weekday. The entire time I was in the main store I was followed around like a hawk and could not get 5 minutes of peace to exam anything. I went back on a Saturday with my husband and my youngest son. After looking in the main store we went over to the clearance center for the heck of it. Frankly, I had no intention of even purchasing that day. But once in the clearance center there were a few things that...

Wayside Furniture / Walk away quickly!


Be VERY careful when purchasing from Wayside Furniture. They have numerous Ashley Furniture pieces throughout the store. (Read all of the complaints against Ashley Furniture here at When I Inquires about this to a sales rep and mentioned everything I knew about the Ashley line, the sales rep said that "Well, if you're that concerned about the condition your furniture, then I insist you be here at the warehouse. Before your furniture is even put on the truck to inspect it" Huge RED FLAG!!! Walk away quickly!!!