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VPI Pet Insurance Complaints & Reviews

VPI Pet Insurance / Rip Off

Jun 10, 2014

What used to be a great company now has a history of overcharging and under paying out on the benefits A all inclusive policy costs about 415.00 dollars per year and had claims of about 1268.00 - they only covered 38 dollars of them They deny claims, then ask for more documentation then deny again. I have been with the company since my first dog - so well over 12 years and they were such a good company in the beginning. Do the math -it doesn't add up - you pay more out in fees then you do in medical care

VPI Pet Insurance / Claims

Apr 10, 2014

This insurance company reimburses for medical expenses only if there is a diagnosis. I took my dog in for tests because she became sick, and we were in the process of going to several specialists to try and determine why she was sick. Well, VPI would not reimburse 90% of the medical tests we had done (terms of my policy) because the doctors had not yet determined the diagnosis. Then she died. So not only did I lose my best friend, but I'm out hundreds of dollars because VPI didn't stand behind the policy. I thought insurance companies covered medical expenses incurred when a dog i...

VPI Pet Insurance / This company is a SCAM

Mar 14, 2012

I had my cat covered under the standard level of care since 2004. In Feb. 2012 I sadly had to put my cat to sleep at age 15. Her kidneys gave out on her over a two month period. The vet bills that I submitted totaled about $1, 500.00. VPI reimbursed me a total of $250.00. The euthanasia and remains care alone totaled $243.00. VPI reimbursed me $39.60. They told me they were so sorry about my loss and that they valued me as a customer. It is my opinion that they only valued the money I paid each month for my policy. They clearly only thought my cat was worth $39.60. They also now have a $50.00...

VPI Pet Insurance / Don't waste your money

Jul 10, 2011

Don't waste your money. I had this insurance co. for 7 years with the hopes that the reimbursements would get better. For example, my dog had a Lumpectomy that cost $1, 000.00 and VPI reimbursed $120.00. I complained and they said the reimbusements are based on the vet economy rates for the area. Who are they kidding. Save your $400.00 a year for the lowest policy and put it in the bank for when a vet bill happens. 7 yrs X $400.00 = $2, 800.00. Stupid me..

VPI Pet Insurance - California, Brea / Failure to pay on claims

May 25, 2011

Had VPI pet insurance prior to learning of our puppy's medical issue. Had a clean bill of health as stated by our vet and it's doctors prior to our policy effective date. After months of tests and learning the issue to be dealt with we were faced with having surgery for our puppy. After a successful surgery we have a better puppy, a large bill, and best of all, a policy which is quite ineffective at covering much at all. It is so well written to exclude much more than it covers, there is simply no better way to explain it than saying it's absolutely worthless. VPI decidied to...

VPI Pet Insurance / dishonest policies


Sometimes they cover a condition, sometimes they don't, even for the exact same service. They charge you a deductible for each visit, even if it's for the same thing, like removing stitches from a previous surgery counts as a "new event." The ads they show are VERY misleading, in reality they cover very little. They find ways to delay and return claims, and the yearly wellness exam has to be scheduled at least one day later each year or they won't pay it. If the vet notifies you that "it's time for your yearly check-up" but you go in one day earlier than the previous year...

VPI Pet Insurance / Won't reinstate my dog now that shes old


My dog was insured for 7 years with VPI. I moved and lost my credit card.. slipped my mind and come to find out after 7 years that they won't reinstate my dog now that shes old..they never called me.. I did mess up but i definitely didnt expect them to refuse to reinstate my dog.. I greatly discourage someone to go with VPI.

VPI Pet Insurance - New York / exclusions -policy


We just lost our beloved irish setter ti a fast moving cancer-it took her in less than a week from diagnosis. We have had vpi pet isnurance for ten years- their superior plan with the cancer rider. When she was diagnosed, we did everything we could to try to save her to the tune of $2200, thinking becuase she had the cancer rider it woulod be covered. We submitted the bill and it was denied becuase the condition she had malignant histocytosis is an exclusion on the policy. It is letter I under exclusions. Now mind you, this is a cancer and in reading the exclusions, it does not mention this i...

VPI Pet Insurance / Scam


I enrolled my 3 cats in VPI Pet Insurance and, after confirming their health history, was advised that I would be billed for 2 months per pet in advance. If I had a claim, all I would need to do would be to fax the claim form along with the vet's bill to VPI. Simple and easy. However, when I submitted my first claim for a paltry $67, their response took almost a month and then I was advised that the claim was denied and "under review." They requested that I send all medical records/charts, etc., etc. related to the cat for which I submitted the claim for the past year. I was amazed and...

VPI Pet Insurance - California / Fraud


I am having trouble getting a response from VPI. Been over 2 months and not any word from them pertaining to my pug's two surgeries.. She had no pre-existing conditions, and her records reflect such. I can't even afford to get her third chemo treatment b/c they haven't paid. I would suggest that based upon the substantial number of complaints, that the members of this forum go online at and file a fraud complaint. That is exactly what they are perpetuating is fraud, mail fraud, a violation of 18USC1341, in addition to other CIVIL statutes (Title 15, USC). Make a...

VPI Pet Insurance / Claim denied


I submitted a claim for $636.50 to VPI Pet Insurance along with their required forms for work performed on my dog for a liver problem. Forty Five days letter I received a form denial letter stating that they received my claim form but not the required supporting documents. They could not have received one without the other. I now see in Reader's Digest (O8) that this is one of many tactics employed by this company to deny or stall legitimate claims. DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND READ THE ARTICLE AND AVOID DOING ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I only did so because I saw their literature in my vet's office. After discussing this with my vet all of the Company's literature has been pulled from his office.