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Dec 20, 2012

ok, so i spent a lot of researching products and knew exactly what i wanted in a facial product. i found the product on and placed the order. i spent 135.19 on 3 products. 2 were the same and one is was on back order. the 2 products that arrived WERE NOT THE PRODUCT THAT WAS SELLING ON THE WEBSITE. the site showed a different picture and also listed the ingredients. WHAT I GOT WAS A LOWER VERSION WITH DIFFERENT INGREDIENTS, same manufacture. i could have bought this product elsewhere and saved 25.00 on each bottle. I contacted the company thru email with all the information... - California, South El Monte / - fraudulent & scam company

Oct 29, 2011 is fraudulent and scam company ! Customers beware !!! Please help me to spread the word, report and shut down this company. I have already reported it to Yahoo to remove it from merchants list, and am planning to report it to authorities back in the USA, including the FBI's scam & fraud list. Also, I will lauch a furious online campaign and website to warn the online shopping community. I see I am not the only victim and this company seemed to have changed owners btw - the name behind it now seems to be so called Dudwell Enterprises and 'president' is Chineese...