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VitaDigest Complaints & Reviews

VitaDigest - California, Walnut / Charged for products that they did not ship.

Mar 22, 2013

1. I'm contacting this office for assistance regarding an order I placed on 2-28-13 through my online member account at I experienced a problem with my account immediately and contacted VitaDigest Live Online Support- there was no response. Since this was live support, with the promise of a live operator to assist me, I didn't understand what was wrong. I waited approximately 5 hours then followed up with an email directly to customer support- there was never a response from either departments, nor did anyone return my messages by phone: the problem was that I wa...

VitaDigest / Poor customer service outdated product


I ordered ten boxes of protein bars. When I received the order NINE of the boxes were already expired according to the date on the box. The other box was full of melted product. So melted I can't get the bars out of the wrapper before all the chocolate flakes off so they are basically inedible. When I called to complain they make ME wait for a call tag for 1 - 2 weeks, make ME drive to the postoffice with the box and tell ME that the melted box is completely unreturnable because I have opened it and tried a box. I can't even get credit for the rest of the bars in the box. Meanwhile I...

VitaDigest / Recieving products


I placed an order on 10-27-2008 for 2 bottles of squalene 1000mg 100 softgels. I called about not recieving my order and they finally decided to send and I recieved it in the mail 3-4-2010. I called and complained to Tiffany who is a supervisor at their company asking about a refund or to return the product and she was extremely rude and told me there was nothing she can do. She just gave me the information of the owner of the company and was very rude when doing so.

VitaDigest / Bad service


Ordered my items through, got confirmation from right away, also from the other merchants I purchased from through at the same time. Got confirmation from EVERYONE EXCEPT VITADIGEST. Vitadigest never even acknowledged me order until 12/19/2008, then stating that that was the date I placed the order. On the upside they also did not charge me for my order until the last week in December when they finally got aroud to sending my merchndise. The shipping lable states it was shipped the 19th of December. I did not receive my order until 12/30/2008. I will not order from Vitadigest again.