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Virgin Broadband Complaints & Reviews

Virgin Broadband - England, Hampshire, Basingstoke / Installation


My first foray into the cable world of broadband will be my last, until someone buys out Virgin. I moved into a cable property on 18th August 2009. Having paid for installation up front for Virigin 50MB broadband, I was given an installation date of 17th Sept. I thought that this was bloody terrible, frankly, but was told that they were oversubscribed. So I waited for 17th Sept. On 17th Sept, I waited in all day. At the end of the day, I phoned to see where my engineer was. I was told that I needed to have the cable installed up to the house as well as the technician for the broadband and so...

Virgin Broadband - South Australia, Adelaide / technical & customer service


Only trouble... i was running out of credit (the built in balance check on the modem showed me I was still ok). Calling into the callcenter I was told I had to check my balance online to get a accurate reading. What is the built in balance check in the modem then good for ? - "no thats a suppliers's fault", they cannot fix it. Eventually I was hung up on on simply asking 'Why is this the case ? '. I must admit - I was asking this question repeatedly...and the poor girl (Natalie) probably wasn't trained for that... So is the modem right or the provider online ?? - Take your...

Virgin Broadband / Scam


For me speeds vary from poor to abysmal (files recently downloaded at around 25kbps, poor, to 4 (yes 4!) kbps - slower than dial-up, abysmal). Many contacts on-line and via e-mail, but were all completely unhelpful I feel. They just kept sending me a standard reply telling me to check my wiring, filters, system etc, even though I told them time and time again that I'd done this. Anyway, I've just canceled (30 days notice) and asked for a MAC code. When I canceled they didn't even ask me why. E-mail has just been down for 3 days... No proper apology and no mention of 3 days refund yet. My advice is do not use Virgin Media.

Virgin Broadband / Covert capping!


I was with Telewest from the conception of broadband. I never had any trouble to write about... until Virgin took over. They have without consent changed my contract from uncapped to capped. It is no use complaining they will not listen. It has become their company policy, instigated before Branson left. They did it covertly from their advertising. They are in breach of contract with me and you. Complain to Ofcom. (their site have so many complaint building up against Virgin they even have shortcuts for us now). Next thing to do is leave and join Sky. At least their max is £15 per month...

Virgin Broadband / Totally useless company!


I have never in my life found a company as useless as Virgin Media. They make every single thing as complicated as they possibly can. Contacting them is a complete nightmare. I know as soon as my contract is up with them I'm leaving and I would not recommend them to anyone.