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Vimax Complaints & Reviews

Vimax - Illinois / nudity


I am sick of the Vimax ads. My daughter came around the corner just as I closed my laptop because I was sick of the ad showing. I cannot get on the internet with her around (Not that I want to see it either!). There were about 6 men in the ad standing naked with various objects covering their private parts. Please stop these ads. I really don't want to explain to my daughter at five what p-e-n-i-s means. Or why he would want it enlarged. This is sick, gross, blatant pornography.

Vimax - New Hampshire / Ads are on every single ---dmed site


OMG, somebody PLEASE stop these ads. They have invaded every sports website, and I can't even read with my son about Football or Baseball without explaining this crap, he's way too young to even see these images, WTF. Major Sports: If you intimidate your athletes from using performance enhancements, then why are your fans subject to this bull $---? Is it OK for fans to use drugs, but not your players? Might as well have HGH ads on your websites for crying out loud. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, DUMB A$--ES Somebody Do Something, it's sick. Can't even use Yahoo email without seeing this. And my size is just fine, thanks.

Vimax - Minnesota / Irresponsible Advertising


The internet advertisments of this product are pervasive, showing up on websites that ought to be "family friendly, " including email websites and search engines. It even appears on the "Nick Jr. for Parents" website, which any child can access if they click the right (or wrong!) link on The Viamx ads are too explicit to be so public, and should not be allowed on sites that attract ordinary family use.

Vimax - Colorado / Pornographic ads EVERYWHERE


VIMAX ads have been on EVERY single website. On Family Fun websites, on Disney Websites, on e-mail sites, etc. These ads are some of the worst things I'VE EVER SEEN. If these VIMAX ads don't go away, people are going to stop using the internet. I cannot even tell you how self absorbed these ads are. I cannot EVEN TELL YOU HOW FURIOUS I AM. I hope this gets around to you, because KIDS have to see these and parents have to explain things at A WAY earlier age than necessary. The ads make me sick. I am sickened by the pictures on the website, too. Please take the ads off. I am furiou...

Vimax - Manitoba, Landmark / penis enlargement ads


Suddenly about a month ago the fast majority of advertisements that show up on any web search I may do - including banner ads - are from Vimax. They sell penis enlargement pills. At first I got a slight chuckle out of them, but now they are just really offensive! I never clicked on ANY of them, but, there is no end to them - every news site, general info site, vacation site, they ALL have these ads. I'm almost ready to throw my computer out but I need to for all my business uses. HOW CAN I GET RID OF THEM?????