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Vanity Pups Complaints & Reviews

Vanity Pups - New York, Bayside / Dog


We purchased a puppy that was promised to be a tea-cup-toy (small dog) and the dog has not stopped growing. The money spent was wasted and we are more than disappointed with Michael & Lauren. They are extremely nice, but alas, do not know much about dog breeds. After spending $1, 300 for a dog that we could have adopted from a shelter, we feel duped and used. We are most disappointed in the advice and the dog we purchased at Vanity Pups!

Vanity Pups - New York, Bayside / Sold sick puppy


My bf and I purchased a 9 week old baby Cockapoo (Biscuit) on Sunday @ VanityPups and the poor baby died on Thursday. Mike and the girls at the shop provided excellent customer service and went through everything with us upon buying the puppy. We felt so comfortable with them and left with this baby. By Tuesday night we were in the Vet with her (Bayside Animal Clinic) bc she wasn't eating, seemed lethargic and had diarrhea. The Vet said it may be due to the stress of a new home, sent her home with some vitamins to give her for the week and that was that. By Thursday, same symptoms, worse...

Vanity Pups - New York, Bayside / Misreprentation


STAY AWAY-THIS STORE IS A PUPPY MILL!!! RUN AWAY THEY DO NOT USE QUALITY BREEDERS! ALWAYS ASK FOR YOUR BREEDERS NAME AND RUN A BACKGROUND CHECK!!! (If they ever told me I was getting a dog from this breeder I never would have gone to see the dog in the first place) I found the dog online and they didn't tell me they shipped it from Oklahoma. By the time I finally got the information on the breeder this is what we found on Lanelle Eclair- Here is the information on the breeder Lanelle Eclair. Rip-off: LANELLS KENNELS Horrible PUPPY MILL In LANELL ... Here are the USDA reports about...