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Nov 25, 2018

Completed required offers and nothing no rewards were given, scam, scam, scam. Then they blow up your phone with the information they received from the survey you filed out, such as insurance quotes, and other companies trying to sell their products...the fact that they ask for your credit card info and pretty much force you to purchase something in order to receive your reward should be a tip off to everyone to not participate, then nothing this wasn't a reward it was a nuisance, a bother, A SCAM!!! Also, who are the people scrolling along the bottom banner who claim they've received rewards like phones and free Visa, Walmart, and Amazon cards??? / “free” $1000 walmart gift card

Nov 17, 2018

They asked for a very detailed survey and then said you have to either download free games and/or buy more offers for a total of about a dozen. I stopped completing the offers once I saw how many I have to download and purchase (the details said some of them have to be paid offers) as it began seeming fishy. I began to check into them online and it appears that people aren't able to collect their cards. I think they hacked details about my internet and cable providers as that's who it appeared to have come from when it first appeared making them seem legit. I've contacted BEK...