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United Recovery Systems Complaints & Reviews

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United Recovery Systems / Harassment and invasion of privacy

Ranger1111 on Jun 23, 2013
Received an Unsolicited phone call from a woman who without identifying herself started asking to speak to people that are not even members of my household. Her accent was almost decipherable at first. I felt like she was calling from a foreign country. I told her that I could not understand her and she simply continued to ask the same questions with that same accent I could not understand. She was asking me questions of a personal nature about me and others. She attempted to justify her outrageous tactics by saying that some person not in my household she had some legitimate business with...

United Recovery Systems - Texas / Double Dipping

MLamm on Apr 4, 2012
The rep charged my bank account for a final pymt on a credit card after I distinctly said that the funds would not be available until the last working day of the month. When he called to tell me that the payment didn't go through it was already after the time that I gave him so I told him to go ahead and run my account again. He swore to me that due to company policy and procedures that he could only run the account once. We argued for over 20 minutes as to why I felt like he should run it again. I finally gave up and he told me the best way to handle the situation was to do a western...

United Recovery Systems - Texas, Houston / Deceptive Practices

nicoleashley2011 on Feb 19, 2011
This company United Recovery Systems has been calling every day demanding a balance owed for a car that was repossesesd from Nissan Motor Acceptance Co. out of Fort Worth, Texas. Since there were two different car notes with the same bank they are harrassing for $8, 000 for a 2005 Nissan Altima when it was half paid for. The balance owed was $12, 000. They said they only got $4, 000 in the auction for it when there wasn't anything wrong with it mechanically, or any body damage. Something was fishy right away. Now that one car is almost paid for they are trying to come back and threaten to...

United Recovery Systems - Ohio / False information provided from the collector, refusal of being aloud to speak to a supervisor

12-28-2009 I recieved a phone call for my sister-in-law on my cell phone. Explained that they had to wrong number and to remove me from their list. 12-29-09 My father recieved a phone call at his home. When I returned the call, Alisia at ext. 4226 was rude and refused to answer my quesion. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold. No supervisor was ever put on the phone so I had to call back to speak with a supervisor who was just as ignorant as Alisia. I was told that they had already spoke to my sister-in-law and it was earilier today. My sister-in-law did confirm this as a...

United Recovery Systems - Maryland / Collection company calling family

Have past due dell account due to husband being in construction and that line of work being slow. I spoke with this collection agency a week ago, they said I was refusing to pay, I said im not refusing i am temporarily unable, they wanted me to set up check by phone I said no I will send in by the end of the month they then said so you are still refusing to pay. Today my brother in law who lives 150 miles away called and said they called his home asking for my husband saying they had importand paperwork for him and to give him a message. First they have my contact info they didnt need to call...

United Recovery Systems - Arizona, phoenix mesa / harrassment / rudeness

very rude & harassing ... on 1st day they said " you have perfect credit, why are you ruining it by not paying this bill" . after stating i am a construction contractor with little / no work for over 12 months. They asked how my bills were getting paid. I told them with the help of family / children. They then demanded i give them phone # for children so they can discuss with them when this bill will be paid in full. Hung up ... rcvd 2 nd phone call next day, asked to speak to a sprvsr. He was just as bad as the girl ... very pushy, demanding phone # / contact info for " people who are currently...

United Recovery Systems / Harrassment over Phone, Rude

I have been called several times over the past few months. I finally started calling them back because I have silver sterling credit with a high FICO score and no debt. After several attempts I finally got to the person who was calling me; she was extremely rude and hung up on me. It is not clear to me if the calls will stop or not. Her name is Santrel Freeman, 888 505 1573 x 7180.

United Recovery Systems - North Carolina, Benson / Phone calls and letters

We are recieving phone calls at home and they do not leave a message. They have started calling my place of employeement and will hang up when not allowed to speak with me and again they do not leave a message. When recieving letters at home they do not refer to a company name or account number. I have trying to ignore these calls and letters, but know they are calling my place of employeement and putting my jpb in jeopardy.

United Recovery Systems / Fraud and cheating

Your account was sent to URS because Capitol One sent your account to them. You apparently satisfied the agreement with URS. Unfortunatley, Capitol One is proceeding with a claim against you for the balance due. This is NOT an issue with URS. Your complaint is with Capitol One Auto loans, not with URS. Why do you think you can ### about URS when your complaint is with the auto loan company. If you had paid your loan/commitment as YOU agreed to, you would have never had to deal with URS or continue with Cap One. You people amaze me. You accept money (loan, credit card etc) and spend or enjoy...

United Recovery Systems - North Carolina, Lenoir / phone calls

these people are a bunch people who are to sorry to go out and get a real job. from what I read they harrass elderly people this just shows the way they were brought up . i hate to think that they went to school to do this. They call me 2or 3 times a day over a dell account that we have payed on for 3yrs and still owe just about what we started with. I offer to settle this with dell but they said no. so they can keep calling ever day. I WILL FINE THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE & THERE HOME PHONE # AND WILL POST IT ON THIS SITE. Then i will call them every time they call me If any one knows the people...

United Recovery Systems / CONSTANT CALLS ON CELL PHONE


United Recovery Systems - Texas / violation of privacy

I had been late og a dell finicial bill but the debit has been satisfied . Ms Johnson from United Recovery Services has called my neighbors, my employment and as harassed me beyond the point of reasonable. Every supervisor has refused to deal with this situation. They have no right to call my neighbors .

United Recovery Systems - Florida / Harassing Phone Calls

Tonight, at 8:34 PM I rec'd an unknown phone call from Javon from URS telling me that my mother gave him my phone number because I owe the a debt to Dell. This Dell bill is in my mothers name and is NOT in my name in any way-shape-or form. He began to tell me that I was "dooping" my mother for this bill and this wasnt nice, etc...WTF??? I never signed for a Dell account, nor did I give this person my UNLISTED phone number, nor am I responsible for this bill. I just cant amagin the nerve! I am calling the FTC tomorrow and registering a complaint against them and calling them and complaining to them (not that this will help). Any suggestions?

United Recovery Systems / Harassing and unprofessional

I've been out of work and looking for a job for several months now and I owe 1, 000.00 on my credit card, it's not an awful amount or anything, but it's not great. I keep getting calls from United Recovery Systems and when I speak to them they put me down and insult me. They make me out to seem like I owe tens of thousands of dollars, but that is not the case. They constantly talk down to me and in ways threaten me. They obviously don't understand that times are hard. I just got a phone call about 10 minutes ago, and the woman I spoke to was completely unprofessionally, she...

United Recovery Systems - Washington, Bonneyalke / harashing our neighbors

Ronald Williams from United National Recovery systems has been calling our home starting at 8:30 am untill 8:30 pm every 1/2 hr or so.Very annoying.He couldn't get ahold of anyone so he took it upon himself to call ouor neighbors and ask if they knew us because he had a important message from Texas for us.He left his number and no name.This one is way out of hand.

United Recovery Systems - California, Oxnard / harassing calls at work

harassing calls at work, for an account that is not mine. demanding to talk to me, my supervisor and/or manager

United Recovery Systems / Harrasment and Demands when they used wrong Bank account number

I set up payment arragements for two Credit Card accounts with them, to have funds withdrawn every month from my bank account. One month two checks processed. The next month only one check processed. I then got phone calls to contact them. I contacted them and they stated I had one check returned NSF. I informed them that was not true as I had sufficent funds for the check and also no bank NSF charges were listed on my account. They then changed and stated the check had come back unable to locate. They were demanding that I immediatly Western Union the last amount and hopefully they could...

United Recovery Systems / Harrassment

Total Harrassment. Called to make resolution - which wasn't going to happen. Next Day he - Paul Morris contacted an unknown family member to the situation and started harrassing her. This woman is 80 years old !! I can't believe it. TOTALLY LIVID.

United Recovery Systems - West Virginia / wrong person

urs continues to call me regarding an american express card i owe on, the problem is i do not have an American express card, however someone with my same name does, i explained this to them and they just do not care. i average 7 calls a day for the past 30 days and it is out of control from a mr. proctor

United Recovery Systems - Missouri, Clayton / Repeated calls and wrong number!

Within the past week, United Recovery Systems has called me at least 4 times on my cell phone. I believe they have called me before. On at least two of these occasions, I answered the phone and told them they had the wrong number and to take my number off their list. This morning, they just called again. I again told them to take me off their list because they had the wrong number. I hung up but then called them back and told them the problem. I have now been put on hold for 15 minutes, listening to their music. I will hang up soon, but this is very annoying.
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