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United American Insurance Complaints & Reviews

United American Insurance - Florida / Rip Off continues


I was sold this insurance by the agent telling me this is the only one that will take people with pre-existing conditions so my husband and I paid out $1, 200 a month and for nothing!! They never paid anything but a miserly $50 for doctors visits, and that was only sometimes.My husband recently fell and broke his wrists, after having so much trouble with United American customer service I knew I would be in for an expensive ordeal. I played everything by the book, even contacted my agent to make sure I did everything right. I didn't take him to the emergency room knowing how expensive it...

United American Insurance / Awful, awful, awful


Hello I live in Houma, Louisiana. Recently my husband changed jobs and is working contract in the oilfield. As a result we now have to provide our own health/major medical insurance instead of thru an employer. We are currently continuing with a Cobra plan provided from his most recent employer, although it is only offered for a limited time, in addition, the monthly premiums are terribly high. Subsequently, I have been looking for a family health care/major medical plan to cover our family. On 10-11-07 I wrote a check to UNITED AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY for $745.96 for the first month...

United American Insurance / Awful everything


United American Insurance Co. is the biggest scam going. They use dishonest sales personnel, and they are trained that way. Don't let the rebuttals defending the company fool you. The executives and managers are told to monitor this site, and receive ' brownie points' and are promised promotions for writing rebuttals. The salesman totally misrepresented this policy as Major Medical. Fortunately I did read the contract, and knew exactly what I was buying. The salesman also included these worthless Heartland discount cards, which he said were widely accepted. I could not find one...

United American Insurance - Virginia, Montpelier / Take your money then refuse to settle claims


Policy was started in when we lived in Thomasville NC Have paid them close to $12, 000 in premiums, and they have paid about $300 towards claims, leaving us with thousands of dollars of unpaid medical claims. Followed the proceedures they told us, just to have more claims denied. We would like to get back all you premiums minus the moneis they paid towards our claims. John Whitehead

United American Insurance - Ohio, Columbus / Scam and cheating


I recently worked for United American. The company has you go to a seminar in a hotel for the interview. First, they are only looking for bodies to fill the seats at these seminars. If you can pass the state license exam you are hired. To get people in the seminar they call potential employees and tell them they are the Torchmark Corporation and not United American. They are a small part of the Torchmark Corporation, but they know that people will not attend if they know that this is an Insurance Company. I knew nothing about Insurance Sales and after being hired they gave me a one day crash...