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UHR Rents Complaints & Reviews

UHR Rents - Kentucky, Florence / mangament


Yea, I was a customer of theres that had received a couch infested with bed bugs. and when it came now to it. Where i let them come get my stuff. I Quote(the manager frank had told me if i was to post a complaint on the internet he would post my personnel information on the internet for everyone to see. and i didn't thank that was right i know my rights. SO ALL WHO RENT FROM THEM BE WARE THEY ARE CROOKS I HAD RENTED THROUGH THEM FOR MANY YEARS ONLY TO BE SCREWED BY THEM LITERALLY. THEY WILL SAY ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER ESPECIALLY A DISCOUNTED ITEMS. WHICH I HAD BEEN RENTING SOME ITEMS FOR ALMOST 2YRS AND THEY TOLD ME I HADN'T HAD ANYTHING PAID OFF. AT THE TIME THEY CAME AND GOT THE STUFF.

UHR Rents / Bedbugs in furniture


UHR Rents 7125 Turfway Rd Florence, KY 41042 (859) 282-8222 On wednesday the 17th of october i had called uhr rents about bugs that was bitting me and my family which was coming from my couch. It started about a month ago actually every since i had gotten the couch. Which at the time i didn't thank nothing of it for i have a dog and just thought it might be fleas. But behold to my nalege it was bedbugs not know what they were or anything i call uhr rents and told them that they needed to get someone out here to spray my couch. And when they came on oct-19-2007 we found out in fact that it wa...