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TyrePower Werribee Complaints & Reviews

TyrePower Werribee - Victoria, Hoppers Crossing / Dodgy people to deal with

Mar 01, 2014

I had my wheel alignment and balancing done here on the weekend. After leaving their workshop the steering of the car was vibrating violently over 70km/h. I could not return for a couple of days, but when I did return to the workshop and ask them to check the work performed they refuse and gave every crummy excuse under the sun. Beware don't be conned by their one post reviews on their prefered website, these guys are dodgy

TyrePower Werribee - Victoria, Hoppers Crossing / Poor customer service

Feb 01, 2014

I had my wheels balanced here before a long trip as one of the balancing weights had fallen off and caused the steering wheel to vibrate. The next day we left for Sydney and immediately the steering wheel was vibrating when the car reached 90km/h. Being on tight scheduled I had to continue with the journey and deal with the issue on my return to Melbourne. I contacted Tyrepower Werribee and ask them to check the job they had perform balancing my wheels. To my amazement they came out with a string of lame excuses to ignore the issue from 'you just drove 2000kms they are going to be out of balance" "tyres go out of balance the moment you leave the workshop " etc.