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Titan Peeler Complaints & Reviews

Titan Peeler - Connecticut, Wallingford / Scam


This is a total scam. Went online to purchase peeler which was advertised at $14.99 BOGO, plus shipping and handling. Put my information in, and total came to $49.95. Never hit the "submit" button, but backed out of the page and closed out of the website. Came home today and I had been sent 3 peelers. There was no invoice, packing information, etc. in the boxes. When I called the customer service number (which is very difficult to reach someone), I was told that they could only refund my money minus shipping - for something I never ordered in the first place. Already called my credit card...

Titan Peeler - California / Customer Service


I was searching on the website about this particular product. Once I realized it would cost me more to ship it than the item cost, I ditched the process and DID NOT click the submit order button. An hour later I got an email saying that my order was submitted! The phone number (NOT AN 800 number) ws provided. I called the number four times and EVERY time the system told me I pushed an invalid key and disconnected me. The website provided no other contact information. BEWARE OF TITAN PEELER...DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY BUSINESS!

Titan Peeler / Overcharged- Bait & Switch


I ordered a Titan Peeler online, and after going through their system, agreed to "upgrade" for what I thought was an additional $2 per unit. The final charge was over $52, and I had no opportunity to confirm or double check the charge before it was processed. I called the service number right away, but since it was a Sunday, they were closed, and I was told to call back during normal business hours. I called first thing Monday morning, but was informed the order could not be modified or canceled becaues the items had already been shipped. This was a lie! I received an e-mail four days later...

Titan Peeler - New Jersey / Overcharged


TV ad offers $14.99 BOGO plus S&H. I went online to order and was charged $34.97 plus S&H plus tax totaling $52.38. The telephone number they give for customer service is no good - no one answers and the call gets disconnected. This is bait and switch.