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Tiscali Broadband Complaints & Reviews

Tiscali Broadband / Tiscali lousy broadband service

Jun 8, 2012

Am writing from an internet cafe because I have no proper broadband service from you and how do I complain? There is no phone number on your website so have had to search for an email I can use. It takes forever to drill down through endless FAQs + ‘did this answer your questions’ b4 I can get an actual address. I did find a phone number on a Google search but it just rang forever. Anyway I’m sure you have far 2 many customers online and not enouh capacity because my connexion keeps crashing and when I do get it back, its like dialup. I want you to sort out my broadband connection and to provide a proper customer services contact centre number. Please contact me to discuss.

Tiscali Broadband / Worst internet provider


This is the worse internet provider I have personally so far experienced. I don't know where to start. It took them almost a month to set the internet at my place. I called them every single day to ask what's going on and I felt I received no help. They just kept sending me away to other departments. Once they connected me to the internet, it took another week to send me a modem. I was really mad at this time. Then I connected the modem and booom - the speed is amazing - 10 kB/sek! And they call...