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Time Magazine Complaints & Reviews

Time Magazine / never subscribed for these magazines

Jan 8, 2019

3 magazines..please refund moneys 112.00$ 12/28/2018 tme*n8023w*hrpsbazr country code: us - united states original account number: ********3625 currency: us dollar (usd) merchant: continuity/subscription merchants merchant information: tme*n8023w*hrpsbazr 855-449-8747 ny 10281 transaction date: 12/28/2018 posted date: 12/31/2018 transaction type: purchase reference number: 24692168362100112758808 $34.00 ------------------------------------ 12/26/2018 tme*n8023w*alluremg country code: us - united states original account number: ********3625 currency: us dollar (usd) merchant...

Time Magazine / received only 28 copies, but 13 were duplicates which should be replaced and14 remaining copies not shipped plus 10 more to complete 52 issues.

Aug 2, 2017

Sometime in February, 2016 I mailed a discounted Time Magazine subscription coupon from Publishers Clearing to Time Magazine with a letter addressed to the Company Headquarters requesting that my first copy should start effective July. I have a current subscription under my husband's name Bernardo G. Valdez Account #3318-3385. My request was not followed, the first copy started from 03/ 21/2016 to 06/13/2016 a total of 13 copies (including a double issue for 05/02 & 05/0 9/ 2016 which I actually don't need as they were duplicates of current account 3318--3318. No 06/20 & 06/27 copies received. From...

Time Magazine / Non receipt of issues from the past 8 months

Nov 7, 2013

Hi, I had subscribed for Time Magazine over a Year before. They have completely stopped sending me the Issues over the Last 8 Months and over repeated reminders i have not heard fro them. They now have the audacity to send me a Mailer for Renewal with an Offer. What type of Scam Company is this? Do they have any Etics or what Reggie Crasta. Mumbai, India.

Time Magazine / Difficult to cancel subscription

Jun 17, 2011

I subscribed to TIME at a very attractive price and was told it could cancel anytime if I found it is not suitable. Unfortunately, it is not what i am looking at hence I wrote to te customer service department to ask for cancellation. And the staff asking me stupid question if I had made the payment ( how could they send me magazine if I did not pay) and after i response to them yes, they did not come back to me for at least one month now. I had to send them reminder again. The staff name is Chiann Tong. Totally disgusted with the service department

Time Magazine - British Columbia / Late issues

Feb 1, 2011

Dear Richard Stengel, I am a teacher and need to have TIME magazine delivered on time. For example, I just received today the issue with the January 24, 2011 date on it. It is happening every so often that I'm thinking of canceling my subscription and buy the one that it is on the stands on our local drugstore which are always on time! Please see below the reply from the Canada Post OMBUDSMAN about my complaint of TIME being delivered very late to my personal address. The OMBUDSMAN basically agrees with Canada Post that TIME Inc. is responsibly for TIME to be delivered late! Sincerely, David Aliaga

Time Magazine / Non-receipt of gifts


Sir I subscribed for Time magazine a few months back (can't recall precisely, but about 4 months). The subscription was for a term of 2 years. I have finally received the first issue of my magazine on March 20, 2010, after about 4 months. However, i have still not received the free gifts as promised on the subscription form, that is, TIME 4 Piece Travel Set. My customer id with TIME is 030065965 (Ravinder Sinfh Thakran) Please look into the matter and oblige. R.S. Thakran Mob. 9416380855 Rohtak, India.

Time Magazine - Florida, Tampa / Overccharging


In April of this year 2009, I received an email from Time warner offering their discounted magazines on their friends & family subscription discounts. I already had a subscription & decided to go for the 3 year extension for $19.95 a year. Total was $59.85. Ever since then I have been getting bills for $59.90. I have told them that I already paid this. Somehow thay can't understand this. I have my bank statement that says they took $59.85 out of my account on April 23rd 2009. I e mailed them a copy of the statement & a copy of their first offer of the discounts, Which I had printed out ...

Time Magazine / Non-receipt of Magazine & gifts


Sir I had subscribed for TIME Magazine for two (2) years. TIME-4 piece travel set was part of the offer made by Mr Richard Evans President, TIME International. I had sent the filled up form along with a DD (Corporation Bank, Kottayam) No. 185681 dated 16.09.2009 on the same day. But so far I have received neither the offered gift nor a single copy of TIME Magazine evenafter two months have elapsed. Pl look into it and do the needful with a communication to me Vaikom Madhu, Kingini, Chalukunnu, Kottayam 686001 ph 0481 2567148 Mob 9447056714 Nov 18 2009

Time Magazine - Colorado / charged my account


I signed up to get a free month of Time Magazine threw best buy. I never gave them my account number or anything. After the month was over they sent me a letter and asked if I wanted to renew the subscription and I sent them a letter back saying NO!! This was 4 years ago that I signed up. There was a charge to my account this month for $53.00. I contacted my bank and they took the non authorized charge off my account and are filling fraud charges to Time Magazine. DO NOT sign up for any free magazines anywhere!!

Time Magazine - Maryland / Subscription change of address not honored


In May 2008 I extended my Time Magazine subscription for 3 years. In June 1998 I changed my address overseas. Called the company, - seeing as it was a change overseas - I expected to cancel and get a refund, but they told me "no problem" to the overseas address, so I gave them the new address. They said I would start to get the Aussie edition, and it should start sometime in August. I have yet to see a single issue. They have ignored my emails (phone calls from here - Papua New Guinea) to their 1-800 number don't work. And a phone call from here is so expensive it would consume the US$30 I paid in no time. So at this point I have lost my money and all confidence in Time Magazine.