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The Stephen Hayne Law Firm Complaints & Reviews

The Stephen Hayne Law Firm - Washington, Bellevue / The Worst DUI Attorney , Fraud Scam in Belleview and Seattle Stephen Hayne

Feb 19, 2015

The problem is that when the insurance company settled the lies his office was telling and the money they still owe me and the UN-professionalism of this attorney leaves a lot to be desired. The lawyer was to get 33 1/3% and the balance was mine. I got a call from his office stating that I could come and pick up the check, I went and opened the envelope and all of these medical bills totaling $6690.00 plus $95.72 for medical records were deducted from the check. There was no prior mention of this fee or that I would be cheated in the retainer. This attorney buys his reputation in Super Lawyer and other magazines, but here you can here the truth about his practice from regular person

The Stephen Hayne Law Firm - Washington, Bellevue / Scam and Fraud artist Stephen Hayne Attorney at law in Bellevue and Seattle.

Feb 04, 2015

My wife and I hired this law firm in the year 2012 and they stole our life savings. Do NOT hire this attorney. He will take yor retainer and then never do any work for you. He is rude, dishonest, unethical, nasty, difficult, will never answer phone calls after you have paid him, and he is extremely violent and unstable. Furthermore, he does many illegal things and loses cases. He is so unethical, that he cheats clients out of their retainer money, hires lazy process servers, threatens his clients and the people that he files against, and resorts to other illegal tactics in order to...