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The Seven Group LLC Complaints & Reviews

The Seven Group LLC - Missouri, Saint Charles / Payday loans

Nov 16, 2016

A company with this name shows up on my credit report that they have sent my account to collections because I haven't paid a payday loan. In my lifetime I received 3 payday loans and paid all three in complete the very next pay day. I never received a loan through this company. I believe this company purchased accounts through another lender that probably wanted to go out of business. Then they decided to see if they could bully and harass people into paying additional money. And when that doesn't work, they send the account to collections, most likely with fraudulent information. Many state...

The Seven Group LLC - Missouri, Kansas City / Having people call to collect money for them

Sep 13, 2016

Some lady keeps calling me from what sounds like her home she states that she is calling on behalf of The Seven Group who gives payday loans. When I tried to get a mail address from Lisa Black or Denise Ellington they refused and gave me a fake email that was not deliverable. I haven't had a pay day loan in so many years I forgot when I got one. I am on my way to court to add The Seven Group to my Bankruptcy. They must be desperate for money at this time. What I want to know is why is so hard to get an email address for them. The BBB has there address online at the BBB online so I will mail them...

The Seven Group LLC / They wanted to withdraw money from me without any explanation

Nov 04, 2014

The company The Seven Group LLC made different strange deposits and withdrawals from my account. At the beginning, they deposited $300 and $400, but after that they tried to withdraw $500 from me. I sent them emails and asked to explain this crap, but of course they ignored me and no idea what the hell they wanted to do with my account. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

The Seven Group LLC - Pennsylvania, Kutztown / Company started to take fraudulent charges

Apr 04, 2014

The company The Seven Group LLC is fake and scam. They started to charge me for $80 per month. I never used their services or took the loan, but these scammers took already about $400. I sent them emails and called, but the agents were busy and no one replied. I want to stop them. So post your comments about this company. We need to put the seller behind the bars.