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The Scooter Store Complaints & Reviews

The Scooter Store / Jazzy Pulse 6

Jan 8, 2014

I would like to know if there is anyone out there who knows a law firm that is dealing with a class action law suit against The Scooter Store for consumers who have been defrauded I am having trouble finding information on this please email me if you have any information on this or send me a paper letter my email is [email protected] or you can send it to Carey A. Coffman 75 Coffman Circle Sutton WV 26601. Thanks, Carey PS I need your help.

The Scooter Store - Texas, New Braunfels / Poor Repair Service

Nov 27, 2012

My wife was severely injured in an auto accident in 2006 and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. She currently uses a Quantum 600 power chair that we purchased from The Scooter Store. When service is required, you call an 800 number and you are told that the local service center will contact you within three business days. No effort is made to prioritize calls. Therefore, depending on when the call was received, a technician may be dispatched to replace a torn armrest while someone with a dead battery or burned-out motor waits. In general, it has taken about seven days from my first...

The Scooter Store - California, barstow ca / delivered the wrong chair

Oct 2, 2012

doctor stated chair must have seat lift (short person) for use in kitchen. seat must be large size the patient can't bend left knee. the wrong chair was delivered, bad seat size, no seat lift. the first maint visit 6 month's later both drive unit's were replaced and both batteries as well. even the person noticed that the seat was small and very uncomfortable to sit in, he didn't have the parts. made note only and stated he would be back. now all the tires need replacing and both batteries as well. I have stopped making my co-pay payments until they come back an fix this cheap...

The Scooter Store - New York, Holland / Jazzy Chair HD

Sep 7, 2012

I am 53yr. and I received a power chair just under a year. I have had nothing but problems from day one, 1. needed both motors replaced with in one month and I didn't use it at all because it was pulling to one side, 2. needed to have seat adjusted and was told my seat on this chair did not adjust I needed to have this takin care of because the front of the machine was hurting the back of my legs, I did get someone here and was able to adjust the seat to my comfort, 3. was out in the yard and my neighbor noticed my rear wheel was missing the scooter store came out to repair and told me...

The Scooter Store / Service after the Sale

Aug 16, 2012

Customer satisfaction is our main concern” – I’m not sure those are the exact words used in the TV advertisements for the Scooter Store products, but that is the gist of them anyhow. For those of you considering a purchase, may I suggest that you rethink your choice of providers FROM Scooter Store to someone else. It is true that they work persistently to get approval for your purchase – and payable by Medicare if your doctor jumps through all the right hoops in completing the qualifying forms they send. Fortunately, my doctor had a person on staff who recorded all the data...

The Scooter Store - Florida, norh port / where is my chair

Feb 14, 2012

The Scooter Store qualifyed me 3 times and came in my apt 3 times with a scooter to fit me with the chair but did not leave it. All this in 3 years giving me the run around why they did not leave the chair.And they knew i had only one leg.And a weak arm and they knew i have trouble getting around with my manial wheelchair but there comeral says if we qualify you and your insurace turns you down we will give you the chair. So where are my 3 chairs. The bottom line is there liars and cheats and the law should make them pay a hefty fine.

The Scooter Store / compliment

Jan 13, 2011

I will begin By shouting it out from the highest mountain... in today's talk that would translate to the World Wide Web. The story starts on New Years Eve. My wife contacts the Scooter Store via the web. Within thirty seconds of her disconnecting the live chat and as she is telling me the phone is going to ring... it is ringing. Brit is calling on landline from ex.2777. Brit is on top of it... Brit has the ball, sort of speak, and is heading for the goal post. It's a touch down move and brit locks the deal knowing he has only days to finish because I have already had my 'one on...

The Scooter Store / Don't live up to their promises

Jan 12, 2011

I need to relay a story so you can pass it on. My mother is suffering from bone cancer and is becoming more reliant on a motorized wheelchair more and more every day. We obtained one from The Scooter Store with seemingly "no hitches". She was approved by them through Medicare and she had to pay for some on her own as well (the part that Medicare wouldn't pick up). The Scooter Store has a well advertised "guarantee" that if Medicare denies a claim, the Scooter Store will cover the claim. NOT TRUE!!! They are calling to repossess the wheelchair because my mother is now being covered by...

The Scooter Store / wouldnt qualify


The scooter store say that they will do everything in their power to get you into a power chair or scooter or its free if medicare dont qualify you. That is such a joke my mother is 68 yrs old between them and the drs she couldnt get a power chair My mother has stage 4 lung cancer and has no mobility at all is in her house for the last two months and because she couldnt do a face to face with her dr no one would help her and fill out the paper work and send it in for her to get a chair. No one is helping elderly in this state of pa and its so sickening they are all in for the money. Drs just want your money they dont want to help no one. The scooter in Texas Stinks...

The Scooter Store - Texas, Houston / Lost Lift Parts


My wheelchair was returned from repairs at The Scooter Store with a part missing from the device used to lift the chair into the car. Conversations with the manager were futile and I was finally put in touch with someone called the Customer Assurance Dept. I explained the situation to them and heard nothing for over a month. Today some kid called from their Customer Assurance who had to be told again what the problem was and what I needed. He tried to tell me to buy the part from the Manufacturer, Bruno, but I explained to him that Bruno only sold to Dealers. He commented that they had no...

The Scooter Store / Crooks


If you have to crawl instead of walking, do not buy from them. I have never run into so much incompetence in my life with any one organization. I used a credit card. The total amount was close to $5, 000.00. The scooter arrived damaged. That took 3 weeks to get sorted out and replaced with at least 6 different little girls telling me they were/had taken care of it during that 3 week period. The lift did not arrive at all. Different 6 little girls telling me that they were/had taken care of the problem. I cancelled the lift and bought it locally. Wrote/called the scooter store and spoke with at...

The Scooter Store - Texas / Poor Service and Products


No customer service also chair is unrelaible and unsafe. Repairs on this have taken upwards of 6 weeks to do and have been fighting with the company since I recieved it because the seat is so uncomfertable after 5 mins in it. All this company cares about it selling the chair thats it.There so called advocacy depatment is just another way to stall you off no help what so ever.Now since I have filed a better business complaint they call me and ask me if I want the chair fixed still, Pride the maker of the chair will not sell me the parts so what do they expect me to do? Get my point. You buy from them you a suck with them, buyer beware is need here.

The Scooter Store / No weekend service - design problems


No repair service on the weekends, tired several times to contact anyone to fix a problem & was not able, then was told Monday it would be a couple of business days before receiving a call back. - Not good. The recharge plug for the Jazzy is a three pin xlr connector that plugs into a port under the controller, impossible for my grandmother to reach or manipulate, and difficult for me, and of course it is the source of our current problem. Grandmother tried to unplug it in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and broke off two of the three pins in the port under the arm, so the chair can...

The Scooter Store - Texas, New Braunfels / Jazzy 1170/Power Wheel Chair


My problem is with the Scooter Store, Sacramento Service Center. In November' '03 The Scooter Store delivered a power wheel chair (Jet 2)to my residence. This chair was not the proper fit for me and needed to be swapped-out for for the "Jazzy ll70". I have had multipal problems with this product and a number of service calls were made to supposidly correct the problems. In July of 2007 a service call was made to replace the anti-tilt wheels on the front of the chair. At that time the replaced the wheels. On August 1, 2007 I had a serious fall while decending the ramp at my home...