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The Puppy Store Complaints & Reviews

The Puppy Store - Texas, College Station / Heartbroken after sold sick puppy - out thousands!


DO NOT PURCHASE a dog matter how cute it is! I also fell for those beady eyes and the sweet puppy breath and found the dog of my dreams. Unfortunately, within 36 hours I took her to 5 veterinarians, including a 6 hour visit to the veterinary school at Texas A&M...only to find out that the dog was younger than the store claimed, had intestinal parasites (2 kinds), a congenital kidney defect and was in renal failure. The dog was literally passing away in front of my eyes. She never walked, ate or drank from the moment I took her home. A veterinary specialist who had been in practice...

The Puppy Store - Texas, College Station / Puppy is dead


College age son bought 9 week old German Shephard puppy from The Puppy Store in College Station, Tx. 2 weeks later the puppy is dead; after emergency surgery to relieve fluid from lungs. Necropsy is being performed with the blessing of the veterinarian; due to problems with puppies from this store. Our child is heartbroken and we are $1, 200.00 poorer