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The Eberly Company Complaints & Reviews

The Eberly Company - California / Security Deposit Fraud

May 19, 2011

I resided at The Eberly Company’s Studio City property at 4243 Mary Ellen Avenue Studio City, CA 91604 for nearly three years. This property is your typical "eye candy" version: good looking outside but cheap-built, odd-shaped inside. This building lacked noise-reduction insulation and creaked severely all over. You would literally jump from your seat downstairs when someone walked upstairs because of the creaking noise. This would continuously wake-up our infant baby and thus crated great discomfort. These deficiencies would probably be tolerable for another property in another area...

The Eberly Company - California, Los Angeles / Best Property Management Company in Los Angeles


It's not too often that a complaint board gets a positive "complaint", but I'm the first one to give some positive feedback when it's due. My wife and I moved to LA a few years ago and we moved into a building managed by The Eberly Company. Since we moved in, they have been extremely helpful and have provided us with an incredible building and apartment to call home. We strongly recommend them to all our friends that have moved out here and we plan to stay at our apartment for years to come. All maintenance issues are handle immediately and the on-site and office staff are always friendly and helpful.

The Eberly Company / Fraud and cheating


I lived in an apartment owned by The Eberly Company of Beverly Hills. This apartment was subpar considering the outrageous amount of money I was paying, but I had no other choice because I moved from another state and I needed an apartment close to work. I lived in the same unit for 27 months and the experience I have had with the Eberly Company has been the most horrible one of my whole life. First of all, they didn't give me my deposit back because they claim that the carpet was damaged, but they ignored the fact that the whole building was infested by rats bigger than cats. I reported...