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The Bulldog Exchange Complaints & Reviews

The Bulldog Exchange - Florida / The $10,000 Dog!

Our bulldog, Delores, is now titled, "The $10, 000 Dog." When she was six months old, we were told that she have severe hip dysplasia and that her eyes were of major concern. She also repeatedly gets mistaken for a mixed breed dog because she has a very long tail, is tall, extremely scrawny, and unhealthy. I repeatedly wrote and called Stacey at the Bulldog Exchange and received no response for months until I threatened legal action. I truly do not believe that this dog is a purebred and when I asked for photos of her parents, Stacey did not send any. I asked her to respond to several of our...

The Bulldog Exchange - Florida / Bulldogs

I too purchased two bulldogs from The Bulldog Exchange. I spent $4400.00 for both puppies. I recieved the male first. Within a couple of days I noticed blood in the stool. The vet told me my puppy suffered from coccidia. I spent a little over $200.00 in vet bills to get him better. The vet also advised me that coccidia comes from kennels with many dogs. A month later I recieved the female. She too had signs of coccidia so I quickly started her on antibiotics. After about 3 months, I noticed that the female did n0t look at all like an English Bulldog. She looks more like an American Bulldog...

The Bulldog Exchange - Florida, Lake Worth / sick mini bulldog


DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM THE INTERNET OR THE BULLDOG EXCHANGE. BE CAREFUL. Hello We are from Toronto, Canada... Me and my husband bought a mini bulldog from the bull dog exchange. From Stacey. At frist she pretends to be so nice as we pick out our puppy. The day our puppy arrived from a flight that was suppost to be 4 hours long. She was on a stop over in New Wark and was flying for more than 10 hours with the stop over. We picked her up from cargo with no water in her cage. She was crying and cold. It was 5:30 when we finally arrived home. She started to play for a little bit then the diareah...

The Bulldog Exchange / Fraud, fraud, fraud


My name is John and I bought a mini english bulldog from a company called the bulldog exchange llc which is owned by a man named Evan Quintavella, who breeds the dogs in Florida. I actually purchased the dog from a lady named Lisa Vitale who works for him, but I later found out that she lives not in Florida but in the northeast, I think Ohio. I done this all on line on the web site of, they advertise how these dogs are better than a fullsize bulldog and have less health problems according to what I was led to believe by Lisa, with a guarantee that was re-written since I...

The Bulldog Exchange - Florida, Palm Beach / False advertisement

i am NOT one of the victims only because i got to these articles the day of faxing in the purchasing info. here is a link to some reviews i quickly found by simply putting the company name on google: /URL removed/ hope this reaches some of you in time