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Thane Direct Canada Complaints & Reviews

Thane Direct Canada - British Columbia, Vancouver / H2O Mop X5

Mar 10, 2012

After watching their TV adv I purchased a H2O Mop only a few months ago and a few weeks ago a small piece of the cord holder broke so I wrote to the company and advised them that I need a replacement part since its still under the 1 year warranty. After about 2 weeks and my repeated emails they finally responded to my email - only to tell me that I have to pay $14.95 for shipping cost. This Mop is so cheaply made and the broken piece probably costs only a few dollars.When I purchased this item over the phone I specifically asked the rep what if I have problem with the mop and I was assured...

Thane Direct Canada / They are causing an unnecessary cost to the consumer

Sep 27, 2011

I ordered the H20 Vac Turbo. They gave me 2 and they both don't stay at the high suction for more than 10 minutes. I called to voice my complaint. They did not offer to fix or replace them with new ones, only money back. I get billed for shipping yet I did not get any information on the return shipping in the infomercial or in the paperwork. They are causing an unnecessary cost to the consumer. Had the units worked I would have kept them. Had they offrered ones that worked I would have considred it with a personal guarantee that they do work and stay at the high suction power. I would have also gladly delivered them to the warehouse.