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Teleteria Complaints & Reviews

Teleteria - Delaware / CON ARTISTS!

Jul 10, 2013

I started with this crooked company last month and I want all those who were scammed by this Teleteria to contact me on here. I paid them $500 and they turned around and charged my credit card for a total of $1, 200. I am taken this crooked company down and I already started proceedings with the DOJ. When they get finished with Jay and Carol Servidio I believe they will no longer be in business. Also I believe they are paying off the Connecticut Police and God knows who else in Connecticut to cover for the two con artists. When you put your trust in a company they cannot get away with doing these fraudulent things.

Teleteria / Scam

Feb 7, 2011

This company ripped us for about 10K several years ago and I and many others have made it our goal to keep exposing their crooked dishonest ways. I have read all the stories about these individual companies and every story is the same. I hardly doubt we could all have the same story or did not try hard enough as the crook himself proclaims. I advise everyone to contact the FBI and stay on their butts until something is done or both servidios are in jail. Don't forget, contact the FBI, Internet fraud complaint center and file your complaints. It seems the law in Connecticut does not care about this thief or they just condone what he does which makes the Connecticut police just as crooked as him.

Teleteria - New York, NYC / fraud


Please take these complaints to heart before you invest with this company. I bought a site from Teleteria, trusting Jay's insistence that money was to be made in the porn industry. Yes, money can be made, but not this way. There is a multitude of free, quality porn sites on the Web. Jay's sites are fashioned from a template and require a paid membership to view the material. Why pay for pictures and videos when you can get better material elsewhere for free? Jay insists the best way to market your site is by having your website linked from other sites, with a minimum of 500 links. To be...

Teleteria / Scam, rip off


It is impossible to make money on ***, with sites like youporn, youjizz, sextube, redtube, and about 25 other sites that give away ***, and download it for free, so what do you think Teleteria a scam or not, I think soooo...I know this first hand as jay and teleteria scammed me out of 10000.oo dollars, Jay is a con artist thats all, just check it all out before you lose your money too.Are go to your bathroom and flush it down the toilet you'll make the same money.P.S all teleteria sites are all the same just different names...Do your homework...

Teleteria / Took thousands of dollars/I never made a dime.


Teleteria sells casino and adult websites. If you owned 50 of these sites they all are the same cheap site with different name. They will continue to convince people to put more money into the sites to increase business. I never made one dime after over $70, 000 dollars in investment. I have all communications that will indicate exactly how they manipulated the untruths they told me...Stay away from these people. In my opinion is one of the biggest scams on the web.