swipebids Complaints & Reviews

swipebids / Don't do it


I am just like everyone else, except I knew I was joining for a fee of $159- But I really wanted to win an ipad for my son and some of the **recent winners ** only paid $50-$150 for theirs so I figured that even with the $159 I would still be ahead-- wrong, there are so many other bidders with a gazillion bids to play with that there is no point in even trying. You just waste your bids and they go on autobid so the computer plays for them - and they win, every time, after many complaints they finally put a limit to how many big item wins one person is allowed to win in a month, too little to late.

swipebids - Virginia / stole 159.00 out of my account


Swipe Bids has struck again. Unfortunately for me, it was a pop up add and I thought I was regeristering to look at website and gave debit card info incase I wanted to bid. NO! you register they steal 159.00 from your account. This happened yesterday and I believe he instant chat people are bots. I am going to my bank on Monday Morning the 30th of August to see what I can do. The charge is pending and wont go thru till monday night. However the Person I talked to Saturday said I can't dispute till charge goes thru and then it will be too late from what I hav read. Please anyone with any ideas, please email me at [protected] Thank you

swipebids / won't give me a refund


I sent in the refund request and was told I qualified for the money back guarantee, allow 2 weeks to receive my refund. I did so, contacted them again and was told that due to technical issues the refund could not be processed in their Admin system therefore; they are forwarding to Head office and they will send me a cheque. Allow additional time for this. I did and again contacted them. This time I was told that due to strict credit card regulations they have been prevented from processing my refund by cheque and the only available option was for me to contact my bank and dispute the charge. I did so Friday so will know in about 10 days if the back will honor my dispute.

swipebids - California, Sacramento / FRAUDULENT MEMBERSHIP FEE


I signed up for an Internet bidding like I have done in the past without any hassles. This time, it was The only difference is that, this time, they are charging me 150.00 upfront even though I did not intend to pay a cent for any online bidding when is FREE!!! I have sent a request to a class action lawyer, and I know that there are lots of people who have been had by this fraudulent website. If you want to join me in this lawsuit, please contact me at [protected]. My name is Olu. This should not be allowed to stand in an economy that is demanding so much thrift from everyone. Let's make this hoodlum site pay!

swipebids / stole $150.00 from me


They stole $150.00 from me. I registered on this site and filled in my information. I never chose a package from them. They automatically took my account information and charged me $150.00 without my authorization. When I tried to contact support services, I was unable to. I found many other similar complaints on them.

swipebids / Fraudulent auctions


Several of the auctions are fake. They get you to bid on the bigger items and just when the auction is suppose to end, the site will refresh and shows the auction of that item having re-started and you will have lost all your bidding credits. Also the $150 intial investment is kind of steep in my opinion. There is really no way to win the bigger auctions. When you try to track down any of the winners on any of the lists for the big ticket items, the people don't exist. The tracking numbers they provide are fictious for the big winners. Stay well away from this site!!!

swipebids - Pennsylvania / stealing of money


Here is how much swipebids rips you off - and notice every chat operator claims to be the shift supervisor - they also GUARANTEE A WIN OR YOUR MONEY BACK Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Jessica' Jessica: Thank you for visiting SwipeBids. We are here to help you win auctions, save money and have a great time. Who am I speaking with? you: help = I just signed up and did not realize I used all my bids you: my name is corey you: and I though i won Jessica: Could you please provide me with your full name and email address, so that I can pull up your...