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Stream online movies Complaints & Reviews

Stream online movies - North Carolina, Charlotte / ripped off


i paid stream online movies with clickbank on 2/10/2010 was told i'd receive email with information. NO EMAIL NO SERVICE instead when i signed in with username and password was posted an internet explorer unhandled exception - application error raised unhandled exception in 3rd party mode and should be closed message. i'm mad as hell, if i knew where they were, i'd be on my way to kick some ###. as it is i''ll file a complaint with the FCC for fraudulent practices.

Stream online movies - Iowa, Ames / no information/service after payment


I entered into a transaction with stream online movies on 04/08/2009 and the sum of $49.90 was deducted from my visa card on 04/10/2009 with transaction description 'CLKBANK.COM_SFZEX86N 800-6035-ID US' and reference number 24692169099000745866598. I have not received any information in my e-mail address from stream online regarding this transaction although the company has deducted the money from my account and I have not been allowed access to download movies as was the basis of the transaction. I would appreciate if I am allowed access for movie downloads, services I paid for, or my money returned to my account. Please, help me out here. [email protected]