Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm Complaints & Reviews

Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm / They are dishonest and they have stolen my money

Jun 18, 2011

Months ago I ordered a saddle and bit, it took 2 months to finally recieve my saddle and bit, and I was sent the wrong order. I phoned Stoney Fork Pasos and she told me, my husband and also a witness friend, that she apologizes for sending the wrong order, go ahead and send it back and she would refund my money. Now it's been months and months and she will not return my money. With many phone calls, and emails, attempting to get my money back, she has refused to return it, I've been told so many lies and stories through this whole thing. She kept telling me, over and over I'm...

Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm - North Carolina, Ernul / Fraulant sale


My husband and I purchased a 4.5 yr old gelding paso fino from Debra Goldman in Oct. 2006 for $6500.00. From day one all she did was lie to us. Debra knew I needed a gaited horse because of my very bad lower back. She told me that Sunny would be a perfect fit. She said he had a very good gait and that he was trained as a trail horse. She lied on both counts. We were promised registration papers which we never received. To this day we do not believe he is a pure Paso Fino. She was contractually obligated to provide registration papers. Our complaint is that we paid for and have a contract for a...

Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm - North Carolina, Emul New Bern / Training DVD


I have been dealing with these people for over a year trying to receive a refund for a Paso Fino Training DVD that I purchased. It is poorly produced with no value as a training DVD. They have lied to me and continue to lie, as they have said they would refund my purchase price in continued emails back and forth over several months. They have a rating of "F" with the local BBB due to numerous outstanding unresolved business dealings wih customers. They also have several rip-off against them. Let the buyer beware. Tom Williams, Natalia, TX

Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm - North Carolina, New Bern / Selling Fraudulent material on internet (DVD)


I purchased a DVD that was advertised as training to ride Paso Fino Horses on their web site. It was an amatuerish pice of junk that is worthless. I was lied to several times by Deborah Goldman as to when it would ship - had to get PayPal involved before they shipped it. When it arrived I immediately asked for a reund ($140.00) which they refused. The DVD is not what is advertised . These people are not honest - buyer beware.