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Starting Forever Complaints & Reviews

Starting Forever - Pennsylvania, Exton / Unpaid Wages


I worked for Ashley Stratton for approximately a month and a half. I have at this point received only one paycheck. That is two paychecks behind. Furthermore the one paycheck that I did receive was on a blank check with no company info and no mention, either on the check or anecdotally, about the taxes having been paid on the 80 hours of work that, that check represented. Needless to say there was 20% of my check missing for taxes but when an inquiry was made about the taxes having been paid at a staff meeting, the subject was quickly changed. At this point I am owed pay for 90 hours of work @...

Starting Forever - Pennsylvania, Exton / Treated unfairly


I was brought on as 'managing partner' just 2 weeks ago (March 09) when I was promised the world. And by yesterday (thursday, 2-26-09) I was Fired, Threatened numerous times, and physically assulted by an employee Marie Morefield, the police had to show up at the location within the Exton Mall. I was given no 'real' reason for being fired other than I was 'too hyper'---and I was fired by the Book Keeper, not even the CEO herself, Ashley Stratton. I did some research on line about Starting Forever, and found Numerous Sites on how she has scammed so many people in...