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Star Alliance Complaints & Reviews

Star Alliance / flight cancellation and re-routing

Jun 27, 2018

Turkish airlines a member of star alliance cancelled my flight and re-routed to another city. They refuse to support my transportation to final destination in any way. And I am supposed to find my own way. Company refuses to help. Customers are forced to take an unacceptable flight route or wait for another 48 hours. All star alliance does is to direct you to the airlines which ignores you at the first place.

Star Alliance / jet airways

May 18, 2016

In the 30 years and over 1 million miles I have flown, my recent flight from Bangalore to Delhi was the worst experience of my life, due to the thoughtless and ignorance of the Jet Airways staff. I started my flight May 16th Reservation on United ticket E18J2V. The flight was delayed due to congestion in Delhi and re routed to Jaipur, where we were parked on the runway for 2 1/2 hours waiting in a hot stuffy plane (In other parts of the world this practice of leaving passengers on the runway is illegal, but Jet does not care). Finally we arrived into Delhi 3 hours late, and I had 20 minutes to...

Star Alliance / vip lounge in sao paulo

Feb 5, 2016

I am a diamond member of avianca amigo program and I went through one of the most embarrassing situations of my life as traveller in the guarulhos, são paulo star alliance lounge on february 3, 2016. I was received with my daughter and son at the entrance by an attendant named jenifer. I showed my card and she informed me that I was only allowed in with one person. Because my card was still a gold one, I asked her if, being a diamond would make things different, as I had already gained the diamond status. To my horror and surprise, jenifer answered that no and that that lounge was made for...

Star Alliance / online check-in

Sep 14, 2015

I booked a flight on Lufthansa from Toronto to Paris. I was informed that the flight is actually operated by Air Canada, which is okay. Lufthansa sent me an email to tell me that I had to do the online check-in through Air Canada. However the booking reference number provided by Lufthansa does not work on Air Canada. I tried the online check-on for both companies and it was not possible to connect. I found the Lufthansa general inquiry number but when I tried that, the message was that they are only open during normal business hours - that was not satisfactory since I was trying to do a 24...

Star Alliance / coercive flight change / missed luggage

Aug 5, 2015

Me and my wife Had a confirmed reservations with Egypt air on return flight to CAI no TK9292 at 08:00 am 2nd Aug 2015 But we surprised that we were in waiting list and we stopped and forbiddened to enter the airplane without any reason which led to miss the flight and obliged to catch the flight on 16:00 coercively. Which was not accepted by any means. And we astonished that our luggage due to that, were missing till this moment And this will be my second complaint We took flight number MS738 on Sunday 2nd Aug 2015 comming from IST to CAI We reachied cairo airport but our luggages "3bags" still missing till this moment. we created a Service ticket number: CAI MS 2760# And still waiting...

Star Alliance / calling an award ticket free ticket and humiliating in front of checkin customers

Jan 18, 2011

I use AMEX to collect points; I used my points an bought a ticket to my frond to use from Ottawa to Ho Chi Minh city with ticket number (Aeroplan MJMJKM) Flight was an awar dticket and was corresponding to the $100.000 spending plus the $700 Airport taxes; Problem 1: Air Canada said, you only have 1 luggage right with 32 kilo because this flight is to Izmir. They charged us $50 for the second luggage. Q: Why does it differ if I stay 1 night or 8 nights to chaneg the luggage size Biggest Problem: I was at the airport checking in for Izmir Istanbul part of the flight; The personnel of Turkish...

Star Alliance - California, San Diego / pricing


I compared Star Alliance fares for a 'round the world trip beginning on April 13, 2010, from San Diego, California, USA, to Shanghai, China. Second segment was from Delhi, India, to Tbilisi, Georgia, on June 15, 2010. Third segment was from Tbilisi, Georgia, to Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 24, 2010. Final segment was from Copenhagen, Denmark, to San Diego, California, USA on July 25, 2010. Although I am a frequent flier member on more than one of the Star Alliance participants, I was very disappointed to find that I could arrange my own flights, with various airlines (all dependable and some...

Star Alliance - California / no customer service


I have discovered there is clearly no working relationship between Star Alliance airlines, specifically, United and Thai. My experience demonstrates the Star Alliance to be a fake alliance. I have never had a journey as bad as this in 20 years of traveling. This is my story: I left JFK on UA 839 on Sunday 13th July. Departure was delayed by 3.5 hours, arriving in LAX at 11.45pm so missing my connecting flight at LAX by only 35 minutes: TG795 which left at 11.10pm. A common story, perhaps, but what followed, I hope, is rare: I spent 12 very stressful hours at LAX trying to get both United...