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Stainsafe Complaints & Reviews

Stainsafe / Big rip off

Jun 7, 2011

I purchased over $5, 000 worth of furniture from American Signature in Sarasota, FL. We had the Stain Safe 7 year protection plan. Our love-seat and chaise were sold as a sectional not two pieces. The love-seat had a spill which could not be repaired. American Signature no longer has this model or color. Stain Safe said the would only cover the love-seat and I had credit for the love-seat only. What can anyone do with a chaise with one end and a different love-seat. Stain Safe is not honest with the public at all. I would never use them again!

Stainsafe / Bankrupt


My wife and i purchased a new leather couch in 2008 and also paid for a 7 year warranty through stainsafe. with this warranty it included 7 years worth of cleaner and conditioner at no cost to us. we ran out today so wife goes to store where couch was purchased to get refill and they told her that stainsafe went bankrupt. luckily they had a few boxes left but when those run out we will have to start paying for new product they carry. the worst of it is that customer service at the furniture store we purchased from treated my wife like dirt. the name of store is called Homemakers and is located in urbandale, iowa. i guess i have to grudges !!!

Stainsafe - Massachusetts / Terrible customer Service


Well compared to all the other compliant I guess I shouldn't be complaining. I bought furniture from Jordan's furniture in Ma. I had the furniture for a year and a half and discovered that all the fabric was ripped in the back. Apparently they use staples to keep the furniture together and all staples were coming undone. I called StainSafe because the sales man told me everything was covered. I didn't wait on the phone too long before a totally rude women answered the phone and almost immediatly told me my problem was not covered under the extened warrently. To make a very long...

Stainsafe / Worst company ever


Stain safe is the worst company I have come across. I cannot believe how worthless they are. They sure drop the ball. They are very irresponsible. I was seriously ill some time back. I paid my money on the warranty and it should not matter when and how long that the damage has been on the furniture then it should be covered. I am a single mother and my parents live in another state while I was in ICU. We had a lot of things going on than to worry about a broken bed. I had called them prior to my illness. Time has passed since the damage occurred. But I have heard nothing form them. After all...

Stainsafe - Florida / Sofa Warranty


I don't even know where to begin...I bought a couch and love seat set from Value City (Michigan) in OCTOBER 2008!!! It is now July 24, 2009!!! When I first called about a claim (brand new couch), they called a tech from over 100 miles away to come into my home and clean my sofa. The stain did not come out of coarse. All he did was spray some cleaning liquid on the cushions and steam cleaned them. I called to note that the stain was not gone and they (SS) said the tech has to be notified and come out again. THAT NEVER HAPPENED! First of all, from the first visit...the tech was scary...

Stainsafe - Washington, Tacoma / not fulfilling warranty agreement


I purchased a complete living room set of furniture from Levitz along with a 7 year protection plan for that furniture through Stainsafe. a few years later we had to file a claim with Stainsafe. It was impossible to talk to a representative we had to do everything through e-mail and postal mail we did get one response from them saying they would only honor partial warranty coverage and pay us 1/2 of the price they really owed needless to say 1 year after the original claim was filed we still have not received payment cannot speak to a representative from the company and have been ignored by them altogether.THEY ARE A TOTAL RIP OFF DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

Stainsafe / Class Action against Stainsafe - Bogus Furniture Warranty


The law firm of Forizs & Dogali, P.A. has recently filed a class action in California on behalf of consumers of Stainsafe, Inc., a company that provides furniture "warranties" to its consumers. The Class Plaintiffs allege that the furniture warranties marketed, sold, distributed and issued by the Stainsafe contain open-ended, illusory terms that effectively nullify the existence of any coverage at all, and even if coverage did exist, the terms effectively allow the Defendant to exclude coverage for warranty claims for any reason at all. Specifically, the Class Plaintiffs contend that, as a...

Stainsafe - Texas, San Antonio / Will not honor claim


I bought a La-Z-Boy recliner for La-z-boy and a stainsafe warranty. The warranty included repairs if the leather was damaged. I filed a claim in December and sent them everything they asked for in the claim process. they came out and took a photo of the claim and stated they would be back to complete the repair. Well now it's March and first they decided to refund my money because they said the store I bought the chair from is out of busienss. I called and spoke with the store manager who stated no they aren't out of busniess so I called and had that corrected with Stainsafe. Then I...

Stainsafe - Michigan / Not honoring warranty


We purchased 10, 000.(leather loveseat and couch, and entertainment center) worth of furniture from Jones Fine Furniture in Ontario, Canada 5 years ago along with the a Stainsafe Warranty. Two years ago we had cracking happening along one of the arms and filed a claim, this claim was taken care of in a short of time with no complications. A year later we noticed a tear in one of our leather cushions and again filed a claim. We had not heard from them after the allowed time so called and were told the leather was discontinued so they had to replace the couch or the value of it and would get a...

Stainsafe - Quebec, Montreal / StainSafe warranty is a rop off!!


I bought a warranty from StainSafe and I am having a ton of problems trying to get some service. Each time I call the number, I wait forever. I faxed the documents they asked for, and each time I call back they mention that they are missing a document. I faxed what they are missing, but then they say they don't have the document I faxed the first time. Basically the problem is that I leaned on the dining room table I bought 2 years ago, and one of the supports under the table came loose. But I can't get any service from StainSafe! Bootom line: it's been 3 weeks since I filed the...

Stainsafe - Florida, Palm Beach Gardens / RIP OFF WARRANTY!


I purchased a red micro fiber couch & loveseat threw Value City Furniture In Lexington, Ky on Sept 17, 2007. While the salesman was just trying to make a sale, I stressed to him numerous times, that I have children, and I will pay whatever I have to, to make sure this couch has a warranty incase of stains, etc. He ASSURED me that STAINSAFE was a great company, and I paid a extra $119.99 to recieve a 7 year warranty threw Stainsafe. Almost a year to the day of the purchase, I have been given the run around by Stainsafe, Only to have a Crazy looking technician show up at my door, Someone...

Stainsafe / warranty


I purchased the extended warranty from where I purchased my leather recliner couch. My cat had an accident on it, I called to report the incident in the recommended time line. They sent out a tech who said there was no way he would be able to remove the odor, he would order new cushions and when they arrived to call to have them installed. Now, 2 months later I still have no cushions and when I called about the claim I spoke to someone that told me the tech had cleaned the couch, he wasn't in my home more than 10 minutes, and that the only thing they would be able to do would be to...

Stainsafe / Unresolved claim!


My wife and I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat from Wicks Furniture along with a seven year warranty from Stainsafe. In October of 2007, we had submitted a claim because of a noticeable discoloration in the leather on one of the cushions. Then the games began. In November, a technician came to our home and determined that he could do nothing for us. He contacted his office who told him to advise us that the matter would be turned back to Wicks as a referral and that we would receive a letter within two weeks. We waited a month and then called Stainsafe. The representative told us that...

Stainsafe - Florida, Daytona Beach / The people who purchase Stainsafe are absolute idiots


The people who purchase Stainsafe are absolute idiots. First of all, you are purchasing a warranty. No warranty covers everything. All warranties have specific terms and conditions for service. If you report something outside of what that warranty covers, expect to be denied. You should secondly, use your brain and read the warranty. How stupid can you be, to not read the warranty before calling to file any claims. Very stupid. Don't get mad because your claims are denied. It is your own fault.

Stainsafe - Michigan, Farmington Hills / Unacceptable service by Stainsafe


I bought a new sofa from JCPenney with extended warranty from StainSafe. I had a stain problem with the sofa. I called StainSafe. I told them what had happened and they said that the stain wasn't covered in my policy. The claim was denied, and now I can't file another claim on the same sofa. They tricked us into reporting a non-existing issue in order to give them support. As for JCPenney, first they tell us that extended warranty covers everything, and then they say we should have read the small print. They should be ashamed of offering this kind of service. At the least, they should...

Stainsafe / Furniture Warranty Service is total ripoff!


I purchase a bedroom set in Jan, 06 from Bassett Furniture in Charlottesville, Va. Along with my $4000 furniture, I also purchased a $199.95 five year warranty from Stainsafe. The Bassett salesman said that virtually anything that went wrong would be fixed without question. On June 13th, a wooden runner broke and a drawer full of jeans fell out and almost broke my foot. I limped around for three days trying to reach Stainsafe. Phones are ALWAYS busy or you sit on hold until you hang up. At that time you could not file a claim on their website. They have since changed that. Finally, on June 16th...