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SS Express Complaints & Reviews

SS Express / Deposit not returned

Jun 18, 2016

Im writing this in defence of Shane Hicks the comments and postings i have read are disgusting and after doing my research found to be nothing more then a smear campaign against him and his family. I am aware there are only a handful of legitmate complaints the rest are disgruntled customers and ex employees who have either not got there own way or Shane hasnt done extra work etc and feel that its ok for them to jump on an unmonitored website and slam an absolutely fantastic human being with a wonderful family whos been destroyed because of these accusations. For the record im the manager of...

SS Express - Victoria, Reservoir / Fraud

Mar 03, 2013

My daughter arranged for this Shane to transport her car from qld to w.a. He asked for $800 deposit which she paid he was hard to get in touch with after that when we finally did get in touch he said he had been away it was arranged for him to pick her car up I realized there would be a bit of a delay due to the floods in qld any way he said his guys were up there now and would be picking car up, I had call from him saying it had been picked up he asked for rest of payment of $1500 which he was paid I found out car hadn't been picked up I txt him he said his guys had to detour and were...

SS Express - Victoria, Reservoir / Deposit not returned

Feb 04, 2013

On 09/01/2013 a deposit was payed to Shane Hicks of SS Express for the movement of furniture from Victoria to Queensland. The pickup was to be on 11/01/2013 what followed was many Lies and Promises that TOMORROW definite. On the16/01/2013 Shane Hicks rang and suggested a full refund of the deposit and apologised for the poor service. It is now the 05/02/2013 and no deposit has been returned despite many promises that he will refund deposit tomorrow. Take warning that Shane Hicks of SS Express is not to be trusted Consumer affairs have been notified