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Spyware Doctor Complaints & Reviews

Spyware Doctor / Scam


This is another of those websites that offers a product which, unknown to the buyer, automatically renews each year forever! When you try to cancel, the website is one big run around. Your better off to just cancel your credit card. This organization is offshore (Ireland) and therefore beyond the reach of US officials. Just spread the word after reading this.

Spyware Doctor - Indiana / Customer Service


For the past 3 weeks I've been fighting a 'spyware' battle with my PC. I've had "Spyware Doctor" installed for at least 6 months. I contacted them and after some early efforts and replies from them I still have the problem. I don't care how many times I scan...and how many times I 'Fix Problem' ...its still there. At first I was informed by them to run my PC in safe mode...did luck. Then I was told to run the "Malware Tool" and send them the results...did luck. THEN I was told the problem would be solved via "Smart Update"...well I've...