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Spyker Metals/Precious metals Complaints & Reviews

Spyker Metals/Precious metals / 401K Retirement Rollover to Gold Acct

Feb 14, 2012

I am now trying to Locate my husbands retirement plan that he rolled over into Precious Metals with this company called Spyker Metals. I was researching stuff online back in 2009 and wanted to roll over my 401K retirement plan into a precious metals account, and This guy named Vinny called my home phone after I submitted my info. on a website that claimed to be selling precious metals. Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. his phone # is 646-773-6350. This is his actual personal cell phone #. well he spoke to me for about 2 weeks and had me convinced that rolling my 401K plan into spyker metals was the...

Spyker Metals/Precious metals - Florida, Deerfield Beach / Money Missing scam


I bought Silver from them this year. Now they can't tell me where my money is. I have to spoke to Lou the owner and Mike the trader. They give me the excuse that there was a computer problem and they are having a problem with the Clearing company. I think it is all bull. I have not been able to get my money back for 2 months now. They are lying and stealing my money. Please let me know if this has happened to anyone else.