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SPS Review Forum Complaints & Reviews

SPS Review Forum - New York, Florida / Get legal justice

Sep 12, 2015

Time for justice before "Hope" ruins the lives of others. It is despicable the way she has gone after some who have spent their lives trying to help others (though possibly not always succeeding.) She has attacked them in the face of life crisis, ill health, deaths, etc. She simply does not value human life or feelings, as though spiritual workers are not even people of value. I hope no one will retaliate in anyway except for seeking LEGAL JUSTICE and that does need to be done. At this point with all the defaming she has personally done and allowed from others on her forum, as though...

SPS Review Forum / Celebrating 5 Years of scamming people!

Sep 10, 2015

SPS Review Forum is Celebrating 5 Years of scamming people! Congratulations Hope! You made it 5 years without getting arrested! In the last five years it is believed that over a half-million people have been scammed as a results of trusting the comments hosted on Hope (a.k.a Melissa Miller) has an estimated worth of 6.4 Million. She currently lives in a house valued at around 1.8 million and drives a Mercedes-benz AMG SL63 as reported by private investigators. All of her wealth was accumulated through fraud and scamming people using as her tool for...